Visible Wireless just got even better value: now you can trade in for up to $550 off

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The prepaid carrier Visible Wireless has made waves these past few years thanks to its superb line-up of cheap unlimited plans. Now, it's arguably even better value thanks to a bunch of excellent new phone deals for new and existing customers alike.

First up, you can now trade in an old device for a discount of up to $550 on a new one at Visible - a really, really good rebate, considering that Visible is a prepaid carrier. Generally speaking, smaller prepaid networks don't tend to offer decent trade-in options since the plans are already cheap - but this promotion potentially offers you a nice way to save even more alongside your cheap unlimited plan.

And, if you're not interested in trading in, this week's best Visible deals also include a great option for new customers looking to buy a shiny new device. Right now, some of the best phones on the market are available with a deal that offers a $240 rebate when you pair them up with the premium Visible Plus plan. 

A few eligible models here include the iPhone 15, Google Pixel 8, and iPhone 15 Pro Max - all superb flagship devices. If you're looking for something a little cheaper, you'll also find options for slightly older models like the Google Pixel 7a, which starts at just $379 right now. All in all, there are some great choices here that are perfect for pairing up with Visible's excellent range of prepaid plans

New phone deals at Visible Wireless

Trade-in: get up to $550 off with a trade at Visible

Trade-in: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">get up to $550 off with a trade at Visible
It's not every day you see a decent trade-in option at a prepaid carrier, but Visible's latest deal is offering fantastic rates right now. While the maximum rebate of up to $550 off can't quite match the heady heights of trade-ins at parent company Verizon, it's pretty damn good considering how affordable Visible's plans are. Plus, Visible will also guarantee a minimum rebate of $100, which is pretty handy if you're on a much older model.

New devices: get up to $240 off Visible Plus when you buy a new phone

New devices: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">get up to $240 off Visible Plus when you buy a new phone
And, if you're not looking to line up that trade, this week's Visible deals also have compelling options for buying a device outright. Regardless of whether you're interested in the latest iPhone 15, the Google Pixel 8, or something a little cheaper, you'll be able to get up to $240 off the carrier's premium Visible Plus plan. Note that this discount is not upfront but rather dished out via monthly service credits ($10 per month). It's also eligible for new Visible customers only.

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