Need a new phone? These 8 great EOFY mobile deals are actually worth your money

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There are few more expensive necessities in modern life than a smartphone. And, while the best phones are more than worthy of their title, not everyone has the ability to spend upwards of AU$1,000 on a handset; let alone the AU$2,000 that the best Android phones and best iPhones demand.

Luckily, the best cheap phones represent a viable alternative for those who would rather save the big bucks for other purchases and with the best EOFY sales hitting Apple, Samsung and other massive brands, our favourite alternatives are even more budget-friendly. While cheap phones might have been laggy, less powerful and more annoying to use than their flagship counterparts in the past, they have come on leaps and bounds, meaning there is great value to be found in the more wallet-friendly phones of today.

Below you can find our top picks of the budget phones made even more affordable thanks to the EOFY sales.

Best cheap phone deals

Motorola Moto G54 | AU$299 AU$197 at Amazon

Motorola Moto G54 | AU$299 AU$197 at Amazon (save AU$102)

One of our favourite handsets, the Moto G54 smartphone offers mind blowing value at its regular price point, never mind the bang for your buck picking it up for less than AU$200 gets you. In our Motorola Moto G54 5G review, we called this handset the "budget phone to beat" and nothing has changed in the six months since. With an attractive design, long-lasting battery and a gorgeous display it delivers well beyond its asking price. It’s camera performance won’t quite worry the bigger players on the smartphone scene, but you’ll still be mighty impressed with the images it does take, considering it’ll cost you less than AU$200.

Motorola Moto G84 | AU$449 AU$299 at Amazon

Motorola Moto G84 | AU$449 AU$299 at Amazon (save AU$150)

If you don't mind spending a touch more, then basically everything we said about the G54 can be attributed to the Moto G84. We might not have awarded it quite as high a score as the G54 in our Motorola Moto G84 review, but it was still darn impressive for a phone that offers ludicrous value – especially at this reduced price. Considerably lighter and thinner, the Moto G84 is easier to hold, more durable and perhaps most crucially, offers better photo and video performance than the Moto G54. Whether that's worth the AU$102 extra cost comes down to personal preference, but either way you're coming away with a truly fantastic smartphone for less than AU$300.

Xiaomi Redmi  Note 13 Pro | AU$699 AU$528 at MyDeal

Xiaomi Redmi  Note 13 Pro | AU$699 AU$528 at MyDeal (save AU$171)

While we haven’t given it the full TechRadar review treatment, we have gone hands-on with the Xiaomi 13 Pro – and it left us very impressed. During our time with it, we said it had "impressive hardware and design, and a heap of technology", and marvelled at its incredible camera – along with its design and speedy chipset. Our friends over at Tom's Guide had a little more time to play with it, and they weren't any less impressed, giving the Xiaomi 13 Pro a near-perfect 4.5 stars in their Xiaomi 13 Pro review, calling it a "Samsung S23 challenger". For less than AU$550, if camera performance is crucial to you, this deal's a perfect match.

Samsung Galaxy A55 (Navy) | AU$699 AU$569 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A55 (Navy) | AU$699 AU$569 at Amazon (save AU$130) 

Currently claiming the top spot as the overall best cheap phone, if you're looking for a premium feel at a budget price, the Samsung Galaxy A55 is the handset for you. Coming in two beautiful colourways, in our Samsung Galaxy A55 review we couldn't get over its premium blend of metal and glass that makes it look and feel as high-quality as Samsung's most expensive phones. That, combined with a 6.6-inch display, a battery that will easily see you through the day and efficient performance when scrolling socials or playing an online shooter, makes the Galaxy A55 tasty at its regular mid-range price and is even easier to recommend with this discount. 

If you're feeling a little fancy, the Awesome Lilac Galaxy A55 is discounted to AU$599.

Google Pixel 8 | AU$1,199 AU$837 at JB Hi-Fi

Google Pixel 8 | AU$1,199 AU$837 at JB Hi-Fi (save AU$362) 

At full price, the Google Pixel 8 straddles the boundary of what we'd call a mid-range phone. Down to AU$837, though, it's the perfect option for someone who wants a top-tier phone and can save money. While it doesn't quite reach the heights (or price) of the Pixel 8 Pro, the regular ol' Pixel 8 is an awesome phone in its own right. In our Google Pixel 8 review, we applauded its excellent dual rear cameras, helpful AI tools, sweet software updates and beautiful, bright OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This is a steal if you're looking for flagship performance at a mid-range price.

iPhone 13 | AU$1,099 AU$885 at The Good Guys

iPhone 13 | AU$1,099 AU$885 at The Good Guys (save AU$214)

If you don't mind getting up into the AU$800 range and would prefer to remain within the Apple product family, the iPhone 13 is still a fantastic choice. While it was released way back in September of 2021, we only recently updated our iPhone 13 review and – spoiler alert – it's still an awesome smartphone, especially at this price. With snappy performance across its entire range of activities, strong battery life and a great design it might not stack up to the iPhone 15, but it's still a boomin' good phone, perfect for anyone looking for a cheap iPhone.

Google Pixel 8 Pro | AU$1,699 AU1,099 at JB Hi-Fi

Google Pixel 8 Pro | AU$1,699 AU1,099 at JB Hi-Fi (save AU$600)

It might not be the cheapest phone on the market, but any time you can save AU$600 on one of the best phones on the market, it's worth mentioning – and snagging the Google Pixel 8 Pro for AU$1,099 makes it pretty dang cheap. In our Google Pixel 8 Pro review, we thought it's design was a much-needed refresh to Pixel's of the past and love the fact that Google has promised to support this phone with seven years of major updates. An exceptional phone with an even better camera bolstered by Google's machine learning, if you can swing it, this is a wonderful deal.

iPhone 14 | AU$1,299 AU$1,084 at Amazon

iPhone 14 | AU$1,299 AU$1,084 at Amazon (save AU$215)

If your budget isn't restricted to less-than AU$1000, or you're willing to stretch it for the right deal, this could be the one for you. Earning four stars in our iPhone 14 review, we loved its design, camera, performance and emergency satellite communication, with the biggest drawback being an only slight upgrade over the iPhone 13. Ultimately, it’s an iPhone, so you know it’s going to perform well. If you’ve got an ageing device but can’t quite meet the asking price of the latest 15 series, the iPhone 14 is a fantastic alternative choice. 

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