Amazon Prime Day iPhone deals 2024: the best offers live now

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Amazon Prime Day is here, and that makes it a great time to go on the hunt for a new iPhone.  RIght now, the slate of Amazon Prime Day iPhone deals includes discounts on unlocked models to buy outright and those with carrier deals. 

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One examples is the iPhone 15 can be had for £699 at Amazon UK and $718 at Amazon US. You'll mostly find the best iPhone Prime Day deals in the UK when it comes to buying an unlocked Apple phone. But in the US, you can find compelling deals with carriers. We've tested all of these iPhones so you can trust that when we recommend them, you'll know we've given the phones a full reviews; see the iPhone 15 review as an example. 

So read on for the best Prime Day iPhone deals in your region, and if you're after a more general overview of this year's Prime Day phone deals, head over to our brand agnostic Amazon Prime Day phone deals page.

Today's best iPhone Prime Day deals - US

Apple iPhone 15: free with an unlimited data plan, plus $280 off an iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
No trade-in needed:

Apple iPhone 15: free with an unlimited data plan, plus $280 off an iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
No trade-in needed:
It's hard to beat Verizon's deal on the iPhone 15 if you're looking for value at one of the big carriers. Right now, no trade-ins are needed at all to get the latest flagship for free alongside a new line on an unlimited Plus or Ultimate plan. That alone is a pretty good deal but the carrier is also waiving activation fees right now ($30 off) and offering additional savings of up to $280 on iPads and Apple Watches. Note, however, that you will need to pay for any additional accessory cellular lines for your other devices here (usually $15/mo extra).

Apple iPhone 15 Pro: free with an eligible trade-in and unlimited data plan at AT&T

Apple iPhone 15 Pro: free with an eligible trade-in and unlimited data plan at AT&T
For our money, the best iPhone deal ahead of Prime Day at AT&T is on the iPhone 15 Pro. It's not the fanciest deal we've ever seen since it's literally been available since this device was launched, but you can currently get the iPhone 15 Pro for free on an unlimited data plan if you trade-in an old device. Usually the trade-in criteria are quite generous at AT&T so it's often easy to get the full rebate. You, however, still need that 36-month plan so be prepared to sign-up for the long haul here.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro: device plus unlimited plan for $65/mo at Boost Infinite
Great all-inclusive deal:

Apple iPhone 15 Pro: device plus unlimited plan for $65/mo at Boost Infinite
Great all-inclusive deal:
Boost Infinite has been offering an exceptional all-inclusive deal on the iPhone 15 Pro since the device's launch - offering the device alongside an unlimited data plan for just $65. This one was $5/mo cheaper at launch but we're still recommending it because even at this slightly higher price it's still cheaper than some standalone plans at certain carriers right now. Another added bonus is that Boost will allow you to upgrade to the next device for free once it launches - usually around September time. 

Today's best iPhone Prime Day deals - UK

iPhone SE (2022): £429£379 at Amazon

iPhone SE (2022): was £429 now £379 at Amazon
It's not the most modern of iPhones, but it's the latest models of Apple's most affordable phone. And we feel it's a capable iPhone to tide you over for a couple years. With the iPhone 13 mini now dead and buried, the iPhone SE (2022) is essentially the best small phone that's still available from Apple. Its design may be outdated, but the internal specs remain strong.

Apple iPhone 15: £799£699 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 15: was £799 now £699 at Amazon
You can get £100 off the iPhone 15 unlocked at Amazon UK right now - a great deal considering this is the latest flagship device. It's worth noting that the device has actually been at this price for a few months now so this isn't exactly a 'new' deal. Similar Amazon deals are available on the iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro:£999£899 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 15 Pro: was £999 now £899 at Amazon
Another unlocked iPhone deal with £100 off, this time on the more powerful Pro model. This is for the 128GB option in any colorway, although the 256GB variant is also discounted at 12%, bringing its price down to £965. Unlike the standard iPhone 15, the Pro features ProMotion display technology, a customizable Action button, a more powerful chip, and a telephoto camera.

Apple iPhone 13:£599£499 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 13: was £599 now £499 at Amazon
Amazon continues to discount the still-great iPhone 13 to its lowest-ever price. This 128GB model had already seen reductions following the release of the iPhone 14, so it's an even better mid-range option now for those who don't mind missing out on certain premium features but want the premium Apple feel.

Apple iPhone 14:£699£599 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 14: was £699 now £599 at Amazon
Amazon has knocked a record-high £100 off the price of Apple's standard iPhone 14 for Prime Day, but this is only a deal worth considering if you desperately want this phone's satellite connectivity capabilities. If you're simply looking for a capable iPhone at a cut price, then the iPhone 13 (which is also discounted at Amazon) is pretty much the same phone as the iPhone 14, but cheaper. Their designs are identical, their cameras are (almost) identical and their chipsets are separated by just one generation – which, in Apple terms, means next to nothing. That said, Amazon's device-only price is a good one.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus:£799£569 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: was £799 now £569 at Amazon
Amazon also has the larger iPhone 14 Plus available at a cut price right now. We're less critical of this phone given its mightily impressive battery credentials and gorgeous, Pro Max-sized screen, and there's also no iPhone 13 Plus to directly compare it to. You'll get the Dynamic Island and a 48MP camera if you go for the more expensive iPhone 15 Plus, but if you can forgo those features, then the iPhone 14 Plus for £569 is a phenomenal Prime Day deal.

Apple iPhone 15:100GB300GB data, unlimited call and text, Three, £37/mo, £29 upfront at Mobile Phones Direct

Apple iPhone 15: 100GB 300GB data, unlimited call and text, Three, £37/mo, £29 upfront at Mobile Phones Direct
Our favorite tariff deal right now in the UK - this super reasonably priced Three contract at Mobile Phones Direct. Not only are you getting a really reasonable upfront and monthly price with this one but you're also getting triple the usual data. 300GB is essentially unlimited monthly data in all but name so we're calling this one a great option right now. 

Apple iPhone 14: 300GB data, unlimited call and text, Vodafone, £32/mo, £9 upfront at Carphone Warehouse

Apple iPhone 14: 300GB data, unlimited call and text, Vodafone, £32/mo, £9 upfront at Carphone Warehouse
The iPhone 14 is still a great buy and this Vodafone tariff is an absolute steal considering the amount of data you get. At £32 per month, this is a really reasonable contract and the upfront price is just under £10, which should be manageable for most people. 

Amazon Prime Day iPhone deals: FAQ

Do you need Amazon Prime to get these deals?

Yes and no. In the US, we're not expecting Amazon Prime Day iPhone deals to depart dramatically from the usual iPhone deals at the retailer. Since Amazon US only sells prepaid and renewed devices, we don't expect these deals to be exclusive to Prime members only. Over in the UK you may need an account, however, as Amazon UK sells unlocked brand-new devices. 

If you're not already signed up for Amazon Prime, then we'd definitely recommend checking out the 30-day free trial as not only will it get you unlimited access to all of this year's exclusive Prime deals, but also streaming perks and free delivery. 

Amazon Prime: 30-day free trial

Amazon Prime: 30-day free trial
If you've never signed up before you can get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime to get access to this year's Prime Day deals. You get the same benefits as paid members, including free delivery, and access to other services such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming and more. You can cancel at any time during the trial to avoid paying the regular fee, which is $14.99 / £8.99 per month.

Is Amazon Prime Day the best time to buy an iPhone?

Overall, Prime Day isn't one of the biggest calendar dates of the year for iPhone deals, because Amazon itself doesn't stock new unlocked devices in the US. The retailer only has renewed devices and devices specifically locked to certain prepaid carriers, so big price cuts aren't generally expected.

That said, we may see good Prime Day-adjacent deals at other retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Verizon, AT&T, and other major carriers. Prime Day is a Black Friday event in July in all but name now, so other retailers sometimes have good deals to check out.

Over in the UK, the outlook for official Prime Day iPhone deals at Amazon is much better, and indeed we're already seeing plenty of great iPhone deals going live. In this territory, Amazon actually stocks unlocked new iPhones so there's always potential for upfront price cuts. Overall, the deals don't tend to be as good as those that are available on Android devices, but you can often save anywhere between £50 and £150 depending on the model. 

How we choose these Prime Day deals

We extensively test all the iPhones in this list and put them through a review process, an example being our iPhone 15 Pro review. So you can trust us when we recommend an iPhone as we've often seen them make it onto our best phones list. 

For the Prime Day iPhone deals we look for compelling deals with telecom carriers, in addition to retailers selling unlocked phones for discount prices. We also tend to look at the historical prices of these phones to make sure they are indeed constitute a legitimate sale. While not every price this Prime Day may be the lowest ever, we'll still flag discounts we feel are worth your attention and ones we'd throw our expertise and conviction behind. 

How to pick the best smartphone deal on Prime Day

Ultimately, this comes down to what phone you're after. if you want the very best iPhone, then you'll need an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which isn't likely to have any big deals on it. But if you can make do with an older phone like models form the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 range, then you could score a bargain. 

And as you'll see in our iPhone SE 2022 review, that smaller and older phone is still a rather good entry-level option for people who want the iOS experience without paying the premium. So if you spot a good bargain for it above, we suggest you give it some consideration. 

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