Google has just accidentally shown off the Pixel 8 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro phone
The Google Pixel 7 Pro (Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

The Google Pixel 8 line is likely still over a month away, but you don’t have to wait that long to get an official look at the Pixel 8 Pro, as Google has shown the phone off in a marketing image – albeit accidentally.

The image – which was found by @android_setting on the Google Store website – appears to have been removed, unsurprisingly, but not before leaker Mishaal Rahman shared it. Sadly, we don’t get a complete view of the phone, but you can see the upper half of the back.

From that, it looks a lot like existing models, complete with a distinctively Pixel camera visor running across the rear, but that’s no bad thing, since we praised this design in our Pixel 7 Pro review.

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However, this is clearly a new phone, as while it looks similar to the Pixel 7 Pro it doesn’t look identical, with the camera lenses all being housed in a black cut-out in the visor, where the 7 Pro only places two of the three lenses in that. There’s also an additional sensor shown next to the flash on the Pixel 8 Pro, which is believed to be a temperature sensor.

This design, incidentally, matches up with previously leaked Pixel 8 Pro renders, so it’s as we expected.

Porcelain and other possible shades

Beyond the image itself, Rahman shared that the alt text reads "a person takes a call on a Pixel 8 Pro phone in Porcelain." So we now know not only what one of the Pixel 8 Pro colors will be, but what it will be called. It’s a shade that we’ve heard mentioned previously in a leak, alongside Jade, Licorice, and Sky. So there’s a good chance those other three Pixel 8 Pro colors will materialize too.

That said, a recent leak from 9to5Google makes no mention of the Jade shade. But it does claim that there will be a porcelain-like white, a sky blue, and a black shade similar to the Pixel Fold’s Obsidian color, which based on the leak above might be officially called Licorice.

We should find out soon, because if Google is launching promotional images – even accidentally – then it’s likely that the Pixel 8 line will be unveiled before long. New models typically land in either early or mid-October, so that’s our best guess for when we might see the new best Pixel phones.

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