You could get a PS5 cheaper than the Xbox Series X, latest price leak claims

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There's not long to wait until Sony finally confirms the official PS5 release date and price, with the company set to tie up all the console's loose ends on September 16 during its PS5 Showcase - but that hasn't stopped the stream of PS5 price 'leaks' that we've been seeing over the past few months.

The most recent PS5 pricing rumor comes via Spanish publication Vandal's forums (via Tom's Guide), where an image of retailer El Corte Inglés' internal systems was posted - allegedly stating the prices of the PS5 and PS5 Digtal as €449 and €399 respectively. 

While the image doesn't explicitly say that the listings are for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition - instead listed as 'Enigma' and 'Aurea' - considering they're both specified as being consoles, you can see how some have put two and two together. 

Another one bites the dust

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Alas, like every other PS5 price 'leak' we've come across from retailers, we're pretty skeptical about this. The main reason is that any retail price 'leaks' tend to be placeholder prices rather than actual leaks.

While they can often be convincing as they fall in line with analyst predictions of the PS5 price - in this case, we're expecting the PS5 to be $499 and the PS5 Digital Edition to be $399 -  it's unlikely that these retailers have been briefed on the price prior to Sony's official announcement.

So, even if the price is bang on, it's likely more a good estimation than based on prior information.

But, if the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition prices are $499 and $399 respectively, it would put Sony on par with Microsoft (in terms of price) for their flagship next-gen console, but would also offer consumers a PS5 for cheaper than an Xbox Series X - even if it is the digital edition. While the Xbox Series S is cheaper again, at a staggering $299, we now know that the more affordable Xbox won't offer 4K at 120fps - which the PS5 Digital Edition will.

The good news is we won't have to speculate over PS5 price leaks much longer, as we expect Sony to reveal the cost of its next-gen console during its September 16, PS5 Showcase event.

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