Watch every episode of The Mandalorian now with a Disney Plus UK free trial

All eight episodes of The Mandalorian are now available to watch on Disney Plus in the UK, almost six months after the show first released in the US. If you've already seen it, you're probably excited about The Mandalorian season 2. If you haven't, now might be the time to consider a free Disney Plus trial, since you can marathon the first live-action Star Wars TV show and see what all the fuss is about. 

This is a big week for Disney Plus if you're a Star Wars fan, too. If you grab a free trial now, you can watch The Rise of Skywalker, which releases on Monday in time for Star Wars Day. If you decide to stick around, too, you can enjoy the new weekly series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, which explores the innovative making of the show. 

Disney Plus 7-day free trial

Disney Plus 7-day free trial
Stream one week of the streaming service and see if it's for you. In that time, you can watch all of The Mandalorian, Simpsons, Star Wars, Marvel and Disney movies and shows as you can pack in. Just enter your billing details and you're away. If you don't want to continue with the service, though, cancel before you're billed. 

We've used a free Disney Plus trial in the past, and it gives you full access to the service for seven days. You have to enter your billing details to get one, and you can only have a single free trial per payment method/account, but you can cancel Disney Plus if you don't want it after that week-long period. 

There's a lot to get out of the service if you're a Star Wars fan. As well as every movie in 4K with HDR, TV series like The Clone Wars and Rebels are available to stream. If you're into Marvel movies, too, the service offers a fairly comprehensive archive of superhero movies, minus the Tom Holland Spider-Man films and The Incredible Hulk.

Samuel Roberts

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