Pioneer serves up two new 3D Blu-ray players

Pioneer serves up two new 3D Blu-ray players
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Pioneer has announced two more Blu-ray players to join its 2011 line-up, this time toting 3D playback with a slightly more painful price tag than the BDP-140 launched earlier this week.

The new BDP-440 and BDP-LX55 come boasting "universal disc playback" which means you can stick on your Super Audio CDs and DVD-Audio discs as well as your regular and 3D Blu-rays.

The boxes can also be connected to the internet thanks to an Ethernet port; but you can also invest in an additional Pioneer-branded wireless LAN converter if you want to do away with the wires.


But the real boon to this is that you can use BD-Live to access extra content on your Blu-ray players, as well as accessing YouTube and Picasa. It's not as prolific a smart TV service as you get from the likes of Samsung, for example, but you've gotta start somewhere.

Both come with an HDMI-out port, but the BDP-LX55 comes with two so you can hook it up to multiple display devices at once.

The two new boxes also upconvert DVDs to to near HD quality and the BDP-LX55 brings extra video processing IC and control over the output to the party too.

The lower spec BDP-440 will be the first to hit the shops in October 2011 with a UK price of £250, while the BDP-LX55 UK release date is set for November 2011, priced at £350.

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