Pioneer unveils budget 3D Blu-ray player

Pioneer announces wallet-friendly 3D Blu-ray player
Not exactly Pioneering, but your bank account might thank you

Pioneer, once celebrated for its money-no-object Kuro plasma TVs, is aiming its sights a little lower with its new affordable Blu-ray player.

The BDP-140, which features 3D Blu-ray playback and home networking, retails for around £170, making it a direct competitor to the likes of Sony's BDP-S480 and LG's BD670.

The deck can also handle Super Audio CDs, which should up its appeal to hi-res music-lovers and can be controlled by Pioneer's iControl AV2 app for Android and Apple devices.

Design-wise, the BDP-140 takes its cues from the brand's extensive AVR lineup, with a smart-looking brushed black fascia.

Smart no-go

As a media player, the BDP-140 promises to handle files ranging from MP3 and JPEG to MKV and DivX Plus HD video, whether from your networked PC, USB device or disc. An Ethernet jack gets you online, but those with wireless networks will have to get an optional Wi-Fi adaptor.

Yet despite claiming 'advanced networking features', the BDP-140 doesn't offer much in the way of Smart TV, with just direct access to YouTube and Picasa to get excited about. Last year's new models only provided YouTube, though, so at least Pioneer is making progress. Sort of.

The BDP-140 is available now, and will be followed by two more advanced models that are going to be unveiled at IFA 2011 later this week.

'Each of the new products will offer the highest quality,' boasts Pioneer's Product Information Manager Philippe Coppens.