This Apple TV Plus free trial shows there's never been a better time to own an LG TV

Apple TV Plus on Fire Stick
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Whether you own one of the best LG TVs or are thinking of buying one soon, there's rarely been a better time than now to be an LG customer. The manufacturer has partnered with Apple to provide customers with a free, three-month trial of Apple TV Plus for anyone who owns an LG 4K or 8K smart TV.

Announced via an LG press release, the promotion, beginning November 15, is applicable to any LG smart TV released between 2016-2021, such as the LG CX or LG C1, and is available to redeem worldwide until February 13, 2022. That's perfect if you're eyeing up an LG TV to buy this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

To activate the promotion, LG TV owners just need to follow the on-screen instructions in the LG Content Store or click the Apple TV Plus banner found in the LG TV home menu. It's worth noting that the trial isn't available for existing or previous subscribers to Apple TV Plus, so only brand new customers can apply.


(Image credit: Future)

We've seen similarly lengthy trials appear on various platforms in the past, such as for Disney Plus and Spotify, both of which have offered months-long trials for brand new customers. However, this is the first time we've seen such a generous free trial for Apple TV Plus. 

And since we count some LG smart TVs among our best 4K TV and best 8K TV lists, we think LG TVs are some of the best for watching movies and shows on Apple TV Plus, including the hilarious Ted Lasso, and moreish dramas like Foundation and The Morning Show.

Analysis: A welcome trial for a great streaming service

Sure, Apple TV Plus doesn't quite match the exhaustive breadth of content available on competing streaming services like Netflix, but it does have very high quality movies and TV shows all its own. But for anyone who doesn't own an Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV 4K streaming box, the service can be quite hard to come by unless you're lucky enough to have a smart TV with the app pre-installed.

We're happy to see Apple TV Plus now become just a bit more readily available among smart TV users, and LG smart TVs are some of the best in the business, with incredible image quality and support for Dolby Vision that offers a sharp, vivid picture.

Apple TV Plus has steadily been gaining ground since its inception, something that's honestly refreshing to see in the streaming space. And while we're not about to cancel our Netflix subscriptions anytime soon, Apple TV Plus is very much a worthwhile service to subscribe to, especially considering the monthly cost is relatively cheap. As such, it's great to have for when the Netflix and Prime Video wells have dried up and you're waiting for the next big release.

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