The DualSense PS5 controller keeps one of the DualShock 4's best features

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Sony recently announced the DualSense controller, the gamepad you'll be using with the PlayStation 5 when the highly-anticipated console releases later this year. And while the DualSense boasts plenty of interesting new features such as a built-in mic, haptic feedback and a controversial new design, a lot of fans were wondering: does it still have the audio jack?

In Sony's official DualSense controller images, an audio jack can't be seen, leading some to worry whether the company has done away with the feature entirely. 

However, a PlayStation product manager on Twitter has confirmed that the DualSense controller does have an audio jack - we just couldn't see it in the images.

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Why is an audio jack so important?

The inclusion of an audio jack doesn't seem like a big deal, but actually it's one of the DualShock 4 controller's best features - having been missing from the DualShock 3 controller. 

An audio jack allows players to plug a compatible gaming headset into their controller, so you don't need a wireless one or to sit super-close to your TV to plug it into the console itself. 

The original Xbox One controller didn't include an audio jack, instead requiring players to buy an adapter so they could use their own gaming headset, and proving that it's a small but wonderful quality-of-life feature that we want to see in all controllers.

The fact that the DualSense controller has an audio jack means that players can hopefully continue to use their own gaming headsets with the new console (and gamepad), so you should be able to experience the PS5's "immersive" Tempest 3D audio without having to pick up a new headset - or adapter.

We're still waiting to hear if this 3D audio will work on all audio devices but, for now, we know we'll still be able to plug in headsets.

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