The cheapest way to buy Returnal for PS5 is with this excellent discount

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The first big PS5 exclusive for 2021 is a cracker – Returnal is a beautiful and punishing sci-fi shooter, mixing classic arcade bullet-hell gameplay with roguelike challenges. As a next-gen title, it comes with a steep price tag – but thankfully we've found a way to knock a significant chunk of change off its RRP, thanks to an excellent eBay offer.

Until May 7, eBay is knocking a whopping 20% off any game priced more than £15 from stores including Boss Deals, The Game Collection and ShopTo. All you need to do is enter the code PRICEWINS at checkout to have the discount applied.

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In the case of Returnal, depending on the retailer you go with, that will see the price drop from its £70 RRP down to around a more palatable £54 and change. (We're seeing the price fluctuate as retailers look to outdo each other, but that's generally the sort of saving you can expect here). 

The code can also be applied to a whole host of other AAA games on sale or coming soon, including New Pokemon Snap for Nintendo Switch, and the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collection.

Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best Returnal offers near you.

A triumphant return

Housemarque has created a moody and hellishly-challenging shooter with Returnal, one that pushes the PS5's visuals to the limits of what's been achieved from the young console so far – while also testing the patience of even the most hardcore of shooter fans. 

In our full Returnal review, our gaming editor Vic Hood had this to say:

"Returnal puts its own stamp on the roguelike genre, blending ever-changing levels and permadeath with an intense third-person shooter experience. While players are often at the mercy of Returnal’s unpredictability – for better or worse – the immersive storytelling and the utilization of Sony’s latest hardware makes it feel like a true PS5 exclusive."

Those sitting on the fence at its full asking price may now find themselves ready to take a the plunge thanks to this generous eBay offer.

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