How to defeat Ixion in Returnal

How to defeat Ixion in Returnal
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Want to know how to defeat Ixion in Returnal? Then you're in the right place. If you thought Phrike was hard, the second Returnal Boss Ixion really kicks things up a notch. 

Found at the summit of the mountain in the Crimson Wastes, this tentacled projectile demon is an absolute nightmare to deal with, especially if your build isn’t up to scratch when you face them. 

In this guide, we’re going to run through some tips for fighting the winged demon Ixion, and we’ll also explain how their attacks work so you can get the upper hand as you power through the phases.

How to unlock and fight Ixion

How to defeat Ixion in Returnal

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Unlike with Phrike, you don’t need any keys for fighting Ixion. You just need to progress through the Crimson Wastes biome until you reach the very summit of the mountain, usually via Translocator. 

You’ll know you’re there when your objectives change, telling you to find a new item that can help you cross gaps. The fight will start as soon as you enter the boss arena, so make sure you’re ready beforehand.

Tips for fighting Ixion 

How to defeat Ixion in Returnasl

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As long as you’re constantly moving, Ixion can’t really do much to the player in the first phase. They’ll dash and shoot out blue projectiles, and you should use the entire arena to your advantage to beat him, circling the outer rim so there is more space to dodge.

In Phase 2, Ixion will then smash into the ground and power up their tentacled arm. At this point, the whole boss fight will change. Head to the outer rim of the circle and focus on leaping over the blue waves. You want to maneuver yourself to his front too so you can do the most damage possible to Ixion’s head. After a short period Ixion will return, but this time they’ll start dashing through the arena. This part is tough, but if you stay still until they come flying in, you’ll have a better chance of understanding the attack and dodging it. Ixion’s projectiles will become very difficult to avoid here, at which point you want to try and dash through them.

Ixion will then start firing a blue beam much like Phrike, but will complement this attack with tiny homing projectiles. Dodge, but be careful where you’re going when you do. In Phase 3, Ixion will return to his blue state but also start firing projectiles from above. Keep your focus on the blue wave and keep dodging in and out of the projectiles. Here’s where things get really frantic though — Ixion will then pull out a blade and start dashing and slashing at Selene. 

This isn’t too much of a problem in itself as you can easily dash from it, but every time Ixion commits a dash they also summon a red floor wave. What you want to do is hop first and then dash to get away from the wave and the attack. Hold your nerve here — you’re so close. If you’ve got the health to tank it and you can get this pattern down the last phase becomes easy.

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