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Yes, it is still the year 2020. And yes, while the world burns, there is still a glimmer of light shining through for tech fans, as the run towards the end of this most dastardly of years brings with it a bunch of new launches.

The last seven days have been particularly busy! PS5 pre-orders kicked off (rather unexpectedly, frustratingly) the Oculus Quest 2 impressed all who tried it on, and Apple revealed new its new Watch and iPads

Many a late night was had by the TechRadar team, so we'd not be surprised if some of the best bits passed you by. Read on for the top picks from the week gone by.

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PS5 pre-orders

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Will the PS5 fit under your TV? We find out just how big the PlayStation 5 is...

You managed to bag yourself a PS5 pre-order? Lucky you! It was a real scramble to get hold of Sony's latest machine in time for its launch-day debut, as the gaming giant opened up sales unexpectedly immediately after last-week's big showcase.

But are you going to need to get a new TV unit to go with it? If you keep your current consoles under your telly, you might need to get the tape measure out – the PS5 is one of the biggest consoles of all time... ever. So big, that even the TechRadar team had to start wondering if they could fit the chunky boi in their living rooms and gaming dens. Here's how we got on.



watch inception online

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Christopher Nolan movies ranked – including Tenet

Yes, cinemas are like ghost towns at the minute and no, we don't expect you to have seen Tenet yet. But with the summer blockbuster finally out, we thought it was about time to do a definitive ranking of Christopher Nolan's movies.

As ever, it's a list driven by personal opinion (let's just say the TechRadar team were very much divided by the order here – why no love for Dunkirk, Amon?!) but it does act to remind us of one thing – Nolan's mad some excellent, barmy, downright-confusing movies.



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Oculus Quest 2 review: the best VR headset ever?

"If you’re looking to buy a VR headset, and don’t have the money for the best-of-the-best PC-based Valve Index setup, you should buy the Oculus Quest 2. This mobile VR gadget offers easy access to exactly what makes VR so special, offering high-quality virtual reality experiences at a fair price."

That was my verdict on the newly-revealed Oculus Quest 2, which I've had the pleasure of living with for a few weeks now. It really is one of my favorite gadgets, making virtual reality accessible and affordable – even if it can still cause you to feel a bit queasy. 

Here's the complete Oculus Quest 2 review.


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Your next smart TV could be modular, says Sony exec – here’s why

It's not just games consoles that are getting bigger – TVs are too. Where the 32-incher was once seen as the living room centrepiece, our TV watching habits have evolved to the point where 55-inch flatscreens are the norm, and it isn't even considered that extravagant to go even bigger still.

Can this trend continue? As living spaces shrink, the answer may well be know – but our demands for bigger and bolder screens keeps growing. Modular TVs, built piece by piece to suit your exacting requirements, could be where we're headed as a result.



E-bike jump

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E-bikes and cardio: everything you need to know about staying fit on an e-bike

"Biking is one of the best cardio workout options for the average person", says TR contributor Suzie Dundas. 

"With low-to-no impact (save for crashes,) biking uses all your major muscle groups, improves joint mobility, and, of course, gets your heart rate up and your lungs pumping, especially when climbing uphill or navigating obstacle-ridden terrain."

So that extra bit of assisted oomph may actually lead to a better workout, depending on the gains you're looking to make. Find out more in this fascinating fitness read.



Crysis Remastered Max Graphic Setting

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No, the $2,500 Nvidia RTX Titan cannot run Crysis Remastered at 8K

Everything changes, and nothing changes. Some things are eternal. Just like Crysis, and its PC-melting system requirements!

Always known for pushing gaming computers to their limits, the Crysis series is making a comeback of sorts with Crysis Remastered, a fresh look at the first game in the series, complete with all the modern accoutrements of todays most demanding graphical effects.

Not content on trying to get it to run on Ultra settings, nor at 4K, we thought we'd try to run the maxed-out game on one of the world's most powerful graphics cards at an eye-popping 8K resolution. The results were...not good...



PS5, new Apple Watches and Oculus Quest 2: Noise Cancelling podcast episode 30

Tech news, straight from your speakers! We have you covered with the Noise Cancelling podcast, which is brought to you by TechRadar and our sister sites Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide.

The show is presented by Gareth Beavis, Global Editor in Chief of TechRadar, and features Sherri L. Smith, Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag.

If you want the lowdown on everything you need to know about the new Oculus headsets and Apple gear, and everything inbetween, it's a must-listen.


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