See the LG V30 from every angle in new leaked renders

Due to be officially announced on August 31, the leaks and feature reveals have been flying thick and fast for LG’s newest flagship, the V30. 

The latest reveal comes from prolific leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) in the form of a full-body render, showing off both sides as well as the front and back of the handset in a hi-res image.

We were previously told that LG’s flagship would feature a curved, 6.0-inch OLED display and we’re already privy to the handset’s custom UX 6.0+ UI, both bits of info courtesy of the company itself, but these new renders could lend some weight to a few other popular rumours.

LG has also been eager to emphasise the V30’s impressive camera capabilities, boasting that the dual camera setup will feature the largest aperture of any smartphone camera on the market (f/1.6).

Evan Blass' leaked LG V30 render shows off all angles of the handset

Evan Blass' leaked LG V30 render shows off all angles of the handset

If this is indeed the V30’s final form, it seems to confirm that like the LG G6 and V20 before it, the fingerprint scanner located on the rear of the handset will double as the power button, given that the sides only feature two volume buttons.

The front of the handset is incredibly tidy and resembles a Samsung Galaxy S8 more closely than any previous LG design. Slim, curved bezels and a lack of any buttons make the 6-inch OLED display the focus of the handset’s face, and given rumors of a Plus model in the works, the V30 series could be set to compete directly with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series.

Noticeably absent is a lack of a second screen, the likes of which were found on the V20, although we’ve suspected this for a while. This would line up with the company’s UI reveal that shows off its new Floating Bar – an ever-present shortcut bar akin to the edge controls of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Speculation about the LG V30 will be officially resolved when it’s announced on August 31.

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