LG V30 might drop the V20’s standout feature

There’s a lot to like about the LG V20, but the main feature it has that most other phones don’t is a second screen, yet according to the latest leak the LG V30 will ditch that addition, potentially making it a far more conventional phone.

That’s according to an 'internal source' speaking to Android Authority, who added that the LG V30 will have a “floating bar” in its place.

They said this bar would provide quick access to shortcuts and possibly also notifications, but didn’t give any details of what form it would take.

It’s possible that it will be an always-on area of the screen, possibly above the main display, which could replicate features of the LG V20’s secondary display in software form. That might actually be preferable to a second screen, especially if it can be disabled, though could affect battery life.

And it seems odd that LG would ditch a key feature of this line of phones, but a recently leaked diagram of the LG V30 supposedly taken from the phone’s instruction manual also lacks a second screen, so it’s possible.

Better screen, brighter photos and built to last

This source has also revealed other information about the V30, including the fact that it will apparently have 6-inch QHD+ OLED FullVision display with rounded corners and support for HDR 10.

That would mean you can expect the same sort of aspect ratio, resolution and HDR support as the LG G6, but in a larger size and using OLED technology for the first time since the LG G Flex 2.

The use of OLED could partially explain the decision to drop the second screen in place of a software alternative, as OLED can light up pixels individually, rather than having to light up the entire display, meaning LG could potentially have an always-on section of the screen without draining the battery as fast as it would if using LCD.

The LG V30 will also apparently be compatible with Google’s Daydream VR and will be the first smartphone with an f/1.6 aperture camera. That means a bigger opening in the lens, letting more light in. It will also supposedly have a ‘Crystal Clear Glass Lens’ and improved transmittance, so photography could be a highlight of the phone.

Audio could also be getting a boost, with LG said to be working on an “all-round upgraded audio experience”, along with a B&O collaboration – though possibly only in specific markets.

Finally, they add to expect a phone clad in a mix of 6000-series aluminum and Gorilla Glass 5, with military standard protection and IP68 water and dust resistance, along with a heating and cooling pipe.

All of which could add up to quite an exciting flagship, even if it does stick with one screen. We should know how accurate this all is soon, as we’re expecting LG to announce the V30 on August 31.

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