Some LG phones will get Android 12

LG Wing 5G
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LG has confirmed its plans to leave the smartphone business, so we won't be seeing any future Android phones from the company, but it has confirmed some handsets are set to get Android 12 software.

On the company's Korean website, LG has confirmed it will continue to support its recent handsets with the scheduled Android 11 upgrades, and that some devices will even get the upcoming Android 12 software.

Which exact models will get upgraded to 2021's Android 12 software is currently unclear, and the company has yet to confirm a schedule for those updates either.

If you do own an LG phone, you can find the company's current upgrade plans on its German website but that is only for information on Android 11.

Those with the LG Velvet 5G will get Android 11 by the end of this month (April 2021), while those with an LG G8X, LG Velvet 4G, LG G8S, LG Wing, LG K52 or LG K42 will get an upgrade by the end of this year.

Your phone's carrier and where you live may also dictate when you see the upgrade to your software.

While LG hasn't confirmed the devices getting Android 12, you can expect it to be a similar list to the above, with certain models missing the cut-off point. LG is only likely to upgrade its most recent devices - like the Velvet or the Wing - to Google's upcoming software.

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