LG’s Android phones will get three years of updates

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LG might have announced that it’s leaving the phones industry, but it isn’t bidding farewell to its customers just yet. In fact, the company has stated that it will be sticking around to provide three years worth of Android OS updates for its existing range of Android phones.

The news comes from LG itself (opens in new tab), where it states upfront that its “three OS update guarantee” will apply to its lineup of G series, V series, Velvet and Wing premium smartphones released in 2019 or later. 

Phones that LG released in 2020, including the K series and LG Stylo, will receive two years worth of Android updates, with the caveat that future updates will largely depend on Google’s own distribution schedule.

LG concluded that it will continue to manufacture its phones through Q2 2021 “to meet contractual obligations to carriers and partners,” additionally stating that customers looking to purchase an LG smartphone still have the time to do so, safe in the knowledge that support and software updates will roll out for at least the next couple of years. 

Gone but not forgotten

LG leaving the mobile business came as a somewhat sporadic announcement (opens in new tab), but the company had reportedly lost around $4.5 billion (opens in new tab) over a six year period. LG previously said that the mobile business had proven “incredibly competitive.” 

LG will instead now focus on its other sectors where it has identified growth, including electric vehicle components, smart home devices and robotics among others. So yes, you’ll still be able to purchase that shiny new LG OLED TV you’ve had your eyes on.

LG may have exited the mobile sector the hard way, but the company certainly had a unique and memorable path through it. LG is at least leaving smartphones behind on a high note, with the LG Wing 5G leaving a uniquely lasting impression.

Fancy a trip down the LG memory lane? We’ve put together a feature showcasing LG’s trip through the mobile business over the years, from genuinely innovative devices to the downright strange.

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