Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rival? LG V30 Plus reportedly in the works

LG is just weeks away from unveiling its next big smartphone, but a new report suggests the LG V30 won't be alone when it officially reveals its face to the world.

The usually reliable ETNews says LG plans to announce a LG V30 Plus to go along with the standard V30 during its IFA 2017 event on August 31. 

A Plus edition would be a first for the V-series and would help diversity LG's offerings, however, be warned this new iteration may never release outside of South Korea.

Just how does the LG V30 Plus stack up against the regular V30? It apparently features 128GB of storage compared to the LG V30's 64GB, and features like the audio system and wireless charging differ between the two, though what exactly that means isn't clear. 

The handsets could share the same OLED screen size at six inches (though we wouldn't be surprised if the Plus ends up being bigger), and carrier sources say the upcoming V30 series are markedly slimmer than previous models and have reduced bezels. 

The LG V30 Plus price will be higher, too, coming in at 1 million South Korean Won (about $875 / £675 / AU$1110) compared to the LG V30 price of 800,000 South Korean Won (about $700 / £540 / AU$890).

Take note

The LG V30 and V30 Plus are said to be launching on three South Korean networks on September 15. That happens to be the same day the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to launch in the country.

This simul-launch would be a first for the gadget giants, and could be a sign LG is feeling confident the new V series can compete against Samsung's highly anticipated next-gen Note.

A good chunk of that confidence is likely stemming from the LG V30's already confirmed camera, which will feature a f/1.6 aperture dual snapper. The V30 will be the first phone to boast this aperture spec, which will allow more light to come in. This will likely result in cleaner looking images, even in dark settings. 

Other reported specs for the LG V30 series are the Snapdragon 835 chipset (no surprise there), 6GB in the RAM department and a 3,200mAh battery. 

By comparison, the Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to have a screen measuring around 6.3 inches, an upgraded dual-lens camera of its own, 3,300mAh battery, and utilize the Snapdragon 835 chipset for the US variant. The Galaxy Note 8 price is likely to be quite hefty, too, as the Note 7 cost $850 / £749 / AU$1,349.

Of course, the Note 8 will also have a stylus, but these are two big phones in around the same price bracket that appear destined to go head-to-head at launch, at least in South Korea.

We don't have long to wait until either company reveals all. Samsung is first up with its Galaxy Note 8 launch scheduled for August 23.

Via Android Police

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