LG V30 takes fight to Samsung Galaxy S8 with OLED display that’s ‘ideal for VR’

The LG V30 is set to pack a curved 6-inch OLED Full Vision display after the South Korean firm announced the screen details for its “next major smartphone”.

This will be the first time LG has put its Full Vision display technology – which debuted on the LG G6 – together with an OLED panel.

LG hasn’t used an OLED screen in a phone since the LG G Flex 2, with the firm opting for LCD panels for all its phones since.

However, a return to OLED is good news for you as it produces punchier colors and faster response times, which as LG says in its release “are ideal for VR applications.”

Big VR focus?

The large 6-inch curved display coupled with a QHD+ (1440 x 2880) resolution does set the LG V30 up to be a serious VR machine.

We’ve already experienced the huge 6.2-inch Infinity Display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus which also harnesses the deeper blacks and more vibrant colors of an OLED panel for VR, so it looks like LG has a rival in the works.

LG is also promising minimal bezels around the display on the V30, with it reducing the upper bezel by 20% and lower bezel by 50% versus last year's V20.

Plus, it's also shifted its logo to the rear of the handset to free up more screen space.

What's also interesting here is there's no mention of a second screen - a feature that was on both the V10 and V20 - which further supports rumors that claim LG will drop the novel addition for the V30.

We expect the LG V30 to launch at IFA 2017 in September, so we've only got a month to wait to see the phone - and the screen - in all its glory.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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