LG V30 confirmed for August 31 announcement

We were already pretty confident that the LG V30 would land on August 31, having been sent a teaser invite for that date, but there was a small amount of doubt as it didn’t name the actual phone we’d be seeing. 

Now that doubt is gone, as another invite has been sent out by LG, this time mentioning the LG V30 by name.

Other than naming the phone it doesn’t give much away, but there is a clear focus on the camera, with a series of circles reminiscent of a camera lens and the words ‘Lights. Camera. Action’ in the center.

We haven’t heard much about the V30’s camera yet, but it’s sure to have a dual-lens one, and one rumor suggests it will have an f/1.6 aperture – meaning it would have a bigger lens opening than any other smartphone snapper, and should be able to take in more light.

The official invite for the LG V30 unveiling at the end of August

The official invite for the LG V30 unveiling at the end of August

Seen in full

While LG has mostly kept the camera features quiet it’s had no such luck with other aspects of the phone, as full front and back shots recently leaked out, giving us a fairly clear look at it and all-but confirming rumors that unlike the LG V20, the V30 won’t have a second screen.

Dropping one of the range’s key features seems an odd choice, but perhaps the camera will more than make up for it. With an August 31 announcement now confirmed, we’ll know in just two and a half weeks.

  • The LG G7 is in the works too

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