LG V30 fully unmasked in leaked promo materials

We weren’t sure if we’d get a good look at the LG V30 before its expected unveiling at IFA 2017, but that all changed today thanks to some leaked promo material.

The images are courtesy of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord, the media company working with LG to show off the new phone’s camera chops. As Droid Life spotted, the phone appears fully, front to back, several times in footage that was set live today and is now unpublished. Oops!

And what do we see? The most prominent photos show off a phone that looks a lot like the LG G6, complete with small bezels, a tall 18:9 display and a dual-lens camera on its back. In essence, it looks like a larger version of the G6 and not a whole lot more–which is to say that it’s not reminiscent of a V-series phone whatsoever.

Credit: Droid Life

Credit: Droid Life

More of a G than a V

The LG V10 and LG V20 earned the reputation as LG’s experimental branch of smartphones, complete with innovative features not seen in its core lineup of flagships. It opted for dual screens and dual-lens cameras well ahead of the competition and didn’t slack on the niceties, like a removable battery and microSD support.

While it’s hard to say which of these features the V30 will not have, it makes sense that it would pivot, even if the apparent departure is a little disappointing. As LG is certainly not the only player at this point with a two-screened phone, perhaps it is chasing after a different feature that will catch the competition off-guard. 

We already know that the V30 will feature an OLED display, which will make it an ideal candidate for Google Daydream certification, so what else could it be? Until we find out with certainty, maybe we can count on LG and its marketing partners to leak out even more snippets of into.

Image credit: Droid Life

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