Samsung Galaxy S22 colors seem all but confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S21
A Samsung Galaxy S21 (Image credit: TechRadar)

While we don’t know anything for sure about the Samsung Galaxy S22 range yet, one thing that we’re almost certain of at this point is the colors that the range will land in, as they’ve leaked again, and this latest leak lines up with the previous ones.

According to Ross Young (a leaker who also works in the display industry), the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will come in black, green, pink gold, and white shades, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will land in black, dark red, green, and white.

As noted, we’ve heard all of these colors leaked before, with the only disagreement in the leaks seemingly being whether or not there will be a green option for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Though two sources now say there will be and the only color leak that doesn’t mention green doesn’t outright say it won’t be included, they just didn’t have that information.

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So we’re fairly confident that these are the colors that we’ll see from the Samsung Galaxy S22 range – though we wouldn’t be surprised if there are some other options too, including perhaps some that are exclusive to Samsung’s stores. Some colors may also only be available in certain regions.

Beyond the colors, Young also claims that production of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will begin in the first week of December, which sounds about right for the rumored February launch.

It’s worth noting that we recently heard that some components for the phones had entered production already, but Young’s date is probably for when production will commence on the finished handsets, rather than just parts.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 from the back in a variety of colors

The Samsung Galaxy S21 in a range of shades (Image credit: Samsung)

Analysis: a different selection of colors

If these color leaks are accurate then the Samsung Galaxy S22 range could be available in quite different colors to the Galaxy S21 range.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is available in white, grey, violet, and pink, the Galaxy S21 Plus comes in black, silver, violet, gold, and red, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra is available in black, silver, navy, titanium, and brown.

So there’s some crossover, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 range is available in more total colors than we’ve so far heard about for the Galaxy S22 range, but there should be some quite different options here, with green notably being very different to anything you can get the Galaxy S21 range in.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could also be available in a slightly more exciting selection of colors than its predecessor, given that both green and dark red are apparently options.

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