Ring video doorbell is now cheaper, thanks to Amazon


Pictured above: Ring Video Doorbell 2

Knock, knock. Who's there? It's a massive price drop on the first-generation Ring doorbell. Oh, come right in!

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Amazon, which as of today officially owns video doorbell company Ring, is celebrating its latest acquisition by lowering the price of the original Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in the US.

Now, you'll pay $99.99 for the doorbell, a drop of $80 from its retail price of $179. The Video Doorbell is also now listed as $99.99 on Ring's website.

Ring's other video doorbells, including the Video Doorbell 2, don't have price cuts in the US, however the newer doorbell is £10 cheaper on Amazon UK right now.

It's become a regular occurrence for Amazon to lower prices on the products of companies it just bought. When Amazon purchased Whole Foods last summer, it quickly slashed prices on items like apples, avocados, eggs and kale (of course).

Prior to purchasing Ring, Amazon bought Blink, another video doorbell and security camera company. With both firms in hand, Amazon is poised to make even more moves into your home, including with its own products and services, including Amazon Key and the Amazon Cloud Cam.

And now that it's dropping Ring doorbell prices, the temptation to invite Amazon in may be greater than ever.