PSVR 2 could be in development for PS5, according to leaked job listing

(Image credit: Sony)

A PSVR 2 headset appears to be in the works for PS5, according to a leaked job listing.

Spotted by UploadVR, the recent job listing from Sony Corp Japan states (via Google Translate): “You will be in charge of the development and design work for the housing and barrel of the next-generation VR head-mounted display.” 

Furthermore, the job listing says that the job is to “develop a mechanism for a VR head-mounted display with a view to five years from now”, which suggests that Sony could release the PSVR 2 mid-way through the PS5’s life cycle.

We know that PSVR will be compatible with PS5 in some fashion, as Sony continues to support the virtual reality headset with various games and experiences, such as Hitman 3 and Vader Immortal. However, a next-gen VR device would make sense.

Eyeing up improvements

The resolution or pixel density of the PSVR’s display is likely to be improved upon substantially, with higher frame rates helping to ease motion sickness and improve overall picture clarity. Many will be hoping that the headset will be completely wireless, too, much like the Oculus Go

Further improvements to immersion could come from PS5’s new 3D audio tech, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony ditched the PlayStation Move controllers for something new entirely. 

We’re still waiting for Sony to announce a price and firm release date for the PS5, but this latest PSVR 2 leak shows the company is clearly not giving up on virtual reality just yet, although we doubt we’ll hear any more about it anytime soon.

Adam Vjestica

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