PS5 listed on Amazon for an outrageous price – but it's clearly just a placeholder

(Image credit: Sony)

A placeholder PS5 price was briefly listed on Amazon UK as £599.99 (around $765), and one person was reportedly able to buy  the console before the item was removed. Hot UK Deals screengrabbed a dummy ASIN page for the PS5, which listed the price in question, while a user called ashmac managed to pre-order the console before the listing vanished.

This listing isn't worth taking too seriously. The model ordered included 2TB of storage, which is not in line with the PS5's specs reveal earlier this year, where it was explained the base console comes with an 825GB solid state drive (with the option for an additional external hard drive). The word 'dummy', too, obviously indicates a placeholder. 

At £599.99, it would theoretically be the most expensive PlayStation console in UK history, beating the PS3 by £175. We expect the console to officially cost around $500/£500, but that's just our prediction. 

The PS5 Future of Gaming event is coming up on June 11, and we expect this to focus exclusively on software, and not the price of the console. That's likely to be revealed as we get closer to the PS5's launch in the 2020 holiday season.

Other PS5 dummy listings are making the rounds

According to a tweet by the Wario64 games news account, various dummy listings have been unearthed for PS5 games, too. We were able to find this one for a Koch Media game (yet another Darksiders re-release, anyone?) at the time of writing, but others have already been removed from Amazon UK. 

Other publishers mentioned in dummy listings include Konami, Warner Bros, Namco Bandai, Bethesda and Take-Two Interactive.

Again, it's not worth reading anything into those until we know which games are actually planned for next-gen consoles from the major publishers. And news on this is about to accelerate, after a long period of waiting.  

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