More information leaked about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't even on sale yet, but already we've heard rumors of a 'clamshell' folding phone follow-up, and now we're starting to learn more possible details about it.

Korean news publication ET News has published a report with information about said Samsung folding phone, which we're dubbing the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It's not clear where the publication got the information, so take it with a pinch of salt, but ET News has a fairly solid track record for leaks like this.

According to the report, the Galaxy Fold 2 will come with a 6.7-inch screen. That's the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, but unlike the S10 5G you'll be able to fold this in half across the horizontal axis to store it.

When folded, the main screen will apparently be hidden away, but the handset is said to have a 1-inch screen visible on the outer case, which would likely show basic information such as notifications or what music is playing.

The original Galaxy Fold also folds inwards, hiding the main screen away when not in use, but it folds along the vertical rather than horizontal axis, and has a larger secondary screen than this phone is rumored to have.

In many ways, the Galaxy Fold 2 sounds a lot like a flip-phone of old, which folded horizontally but could sometimes show you notifications on a secondary display. Of course the major difference between this and a typical flip-phone is that, when unfolded, you'll be holding a proper smartphone.

This is also roughly the design we're expecting to see for the unannounced Motorola Razr V4, which is seemingly a modern take on Motorola's old flip phones.

When could we see the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

Unfortunately, we don't even know when the original Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale, so its successor is likely just a twinkle in Samsung's eye at the moment.

The Galaxy Fold's durability problems caused its release to be postponed for many months. We've now heard the Galaxy Fold could launch in August, and if that's the case, the Galaxy Fold line could be resumed quickly, but we're not sure of anything yet.

In its report, ET News states the Galaxy Fold 2 could be available in the first half of 2020. We could therefore see it launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S11 range, as the original Fold was revealed at the Galaxy S10 launch event.

We'll likely hear more about the Galaxy Fold 2 before then, as foldable phones tend to get many leaks and rumors, so stay tuned to TechRadar to find out everything we hear.

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