Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will almost certainly land in August

Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Image credit: TechRadar (Image credit: Future)

It was always likely that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be announced in August, given that all recent models in the range have been, but it now looks to be almost confirmed, as a Samsung official has said as much.

According to the Korea Herald, said unnamed official claimed that “the Galaxy Note 10 will have its own timeline for its debut in August, regardless of the Galaxy Fold’s launch schedule.”

That claim comes in response to fears that the delay of the Samsung Galaxy Fold could also push back the release schedule for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, so the two phones don’t steal each other’s thunder.

But it seems that whenever the Galaxy Fold lands – which the latest rumors suggest it might do soon – it won’t affect the Note 10’s launch, and perhaps we'll even see them side-by-side at a launch event. However, we’d still take this with a pinch of salt, as it seems the claim above is from a “source” – albeit one who apparently works for Samsung – rather than being an official statement.

Still, we’d bet on an August launch, as not only have past phones landed in August, but August has specifically been rumored, with August 7 currently looking like the most likely date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s launch.

If the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus just isn’t big enough for you then the Note 10 could be worth waiting for, as rumors suggest the screen could be up to 6.8 inches. It might also have a quad-lens camera, a 4,500mAh battery and a new, Galaxy S10-inspired design. That’s all just rumors for now, but as soon as we hear anything concrete we’ll let you know.

James Rogerson

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