LG and B&O are releasing an 88-inch 8K OLED TV – and yes, it's expensive

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There’s a new OLED TV in town, and it looks set to take up a whole lot of space in your living room. The Beovision Harmony from Bang & Olufsen is now releasing in an 88-inch size, making it not only the first 88-inch 8K OLED, but the biggest OLED TV ever to come to market.

The Beovision Harmony was first shown off in mid-2019 during Milan Design Week, but it’s only now that we’re seeing the stylish (and predictably expensive) television coming to an 88-inch size. While previously available in 65-inch and 77-inch sizes, the new model certainly seems like a step above, with new heights reached by LG Electronics, which supplied both the screen and the latest a9 Gen 3 processor – also used in other 2020 LG TVs such as the LG CX, LG GX Gallery Series, and LG WX OLEDs.

We got the chance to look at the Beovision Harmony in person last year, and praised its solid sound performance and sleek fold-out ‘wings’ – using an oak and aluminium panel that partially covers the screen when not in use. 

With premium features these days being so much about rollable OLEDs, transparent screens, or screens you can disguise as a picture frame, it’s clear that the Beovision Harmony is one TV that knows how to fit into fancy surroundings.

OLED pipe dream

The Beovision Harmony will come to Bang & Olufsen stores “from the end of June 2020”. With a price tag estimated at $49,000 / £44,100 (around AU$74,000), it won’t be a realistic purchase for many, but its unique design will be sure to make this TV-cum-sculpture a centerpiece for a few choice living rooms.

There are also separate finishes available, including “warm brass tone aluminium” with “smoked oak,” and “bronze tone aluminium with walnut” – in case you needed to up the fancy level even more.

OLED is already an expensive panel technology, of course, and the movable parts of the television base here will only exacerbate that. There are, however, a number of new OLED TVs available for much less, including a new £1,499 (around $1,800 / AU$2,800) 48-inch model for the LG CX OLED, and 2019 models that cost even less than that these days. 

So if all this talk of 8K OLEDs with 88-inch screens is making you balk, be assured you have other options to choose from.

Henry St Leger

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