Last minute gifts from Amazon Prime to Spotify. Panic buys they'll love

If you’re on the hunt for panic buys, last minute presents and vouchers for Christmas then TechRadar has a few suggestions.

To bastardise the words of Blink-182, it’s Christmas Eve and you’ve only wrapped two gosh-darn presents, but fear not, if your shopping has let you down, the parcel delivery services are not going to make it and you have mere hours to save the day, we have a host of ideas that could, we reckon, just save your festivities. 

The rise and rise of digital subscriptions means that, with a printer, a bit of artistic talent (or a google image search) you could offer up a genuinely brilliant present with nothing more than a code and a home-made voucher.  

Digital Santa

How about signing a loved one up to Amazon Prime

There’s a monthly fee for just the Amazon Prime video - which gives you a host of increasingly impressive content like The Man in the High Castle, or Transparent or you can go the whole hog and get the full prime subscription which includes music and a whole host of other things including the one day delivery on a big chunk of good that (probably) would have saved you this panic in the first place. 

And if it’s films and TV that you are looking for, there are definitely other pretty fantastic options. If you’re in the US then why not consider an HBO Go subscription, or for the UK a Now TV deal is only a click away. 

Of course, Netflix remains one of the best options for the small screen - and contains a wealth of the hit shows that have established its reputation including the phenomenal House of Cards and hit Marvel superhero show Jessica Jones.

Spotify premium remains the major player, despite some big hitters moving in on their market. It's become a hugely competent music offering that offers a great 'Discover' playlist for keeping you on the hunt for new sounds. 

Apple Music is definitely a service that has improved beyond recognition and represents a very decent offering, especially for those that have a wealth of Apple devices in their lives.

Amazon Music is another that is beginning to grab market share, and it plays brilliantly with the Echo and Echo Dot that have won critical acclaim (check out our Amazon Echo review). 

Finally, if you like a service backed by some of the biggest names in music then Tidal is still afloat. 

And, as a (terrible) last resort, you could point out that the Boxing Day sales and January sales are just mere hours away and you wanted to get more bang for your buck. 

Patrick Goss

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