Feeling tired? There's 30% off one of the world's best sleep trackers at Amazon

Withings Sleep Analyzer sleep tracking device with smartphone app
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This year's Black Friday deals are still a few weeks away, but you don't need to wait until November 26 to grab a great deal if you're struggling with your sleep. The Withings Sleep Analyzer is one of the best sleep trackers we've ever tested, and it's down to just $69.30 at Amazon right now.

Whereas most sleep trackers have to be worn on your wrist, the Withings Sleep Analyzer is a thin mat that slips underneath your mattress. You won't feel it, and there's no need to set it up every night; just climb into bed and it will begin monitoring your sleep when you nod off, tracking your sleep stages (light, deep, and REM), heart rate, breathing rate, and whether you're snoring at night. 

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Today's best Withings Sleep Analyzer deal

Withings Sleep Analyzer:$99.95$69.30 at AmazonSave $30.65 -

Withings Sleep Analyzer: $99.95 $69.30 at Amazon
Save $30.65 - The Withings Sleep Analyzer is one of the best sleep trackers we've ever tried, and this is the lowest price it's ever hit at Amazon. It didn't even drop this low on Prime Day, so if you're struggling to nod off and stay asleep, it's well worth checking out.

All your sleep data is syncs with the Withings smartphone app in the morning, so your stats are ready to check when you wake. It's extremely convenient, and because it only has to be set up once, monitoring your sleep every night is effortless.

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