CES 2013: top 10 moments

The curtain lifts...

As day one of the show began, there were tons of announcements from LG, HP, and Haier to name a few.

In fact, LG confirmed during a press conference on Jan. 7 that it will release a range of "tier one" handsets to market in 2013.

This follows earlier rumors that LG is looking to wedge itself in the 5-inch smartphone market that was launched by the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Here's a look at what we're excited to see at CES:

Going ga-ga over LG's GA7900

LG also unveiled the GA7900 today during its press conference. This is one of seven new Google TVs the company is showing off at CES this year, but it's the most high-end of the models.

The TV works with a Bluetooth remote that has a keyboard on the back. What's more, couch potatoes don't have to life a finger to change the channel. The GA7900 also offers voice control to search for a program.

Panasonic's clever Smart TV

Panasonic gave CES attendees a peek at its new flagship plasma TV, the ZT60, which includes some impressive new features such as a web browser, three HDMIs, three USB ports, wireless LAN and Viera screen tech.

Other specs include the standard 1080p resolution, 2D-3D conversion, and active shutter 3D.

Panasonic mentioned that the ZT60, along with a few new models, will be available next month. But it didn't give us any specifics on a release date or price.

Haier's 'TV of the future'

CES always brings out the cool, innovative toys, and Haier's "TV of the future" is no exception.

Haier announced a TV that uses your eyes as the remote. Yes, that's right. Your eyes.

Using technology developed by NeuroSky, you can use your eyes (well, actually your brain) to change the channel.

Voice controls are also offered, but who wants to waste time with that when you can let your eyes do the talking?

HP monitors get Beats

HP rolled out its new Envy 27 monitor at CES, which will offer built-in speakers with Beats Audio.

HP has not been shy in using its Beats license on any product it can wave at a trade show, and this has continued through its monitor range - the Envy 27 also bringing a slim profile, edge-to-edge glass and a $499 price tag.

We're busy getting hands on at CES. Take a look at what our favorites are so far:

Hands on with Huawei Ascend D2

Huawei has had a busy CES. Not only did it announce what can only be described as theginormous Ascend Mate, but they also showed off the Ascend D2 - its attempt at a high-end device offered alongside its budget handsets.

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Underwhelmed by the Samsung Ativ Odyssey

We're glad it's finally out in the open, but after seeing its international comrade, the Ativ S, we can't help but be a little bit disappointed. What happened to that big, beautiful 4.8-inch 720 x 1280 display?

The Ativ Odyssey is a more compact phone, with dimensions more like the HTC 8X than the Samsung Ativ S - which has the biggest display of any Windows Phone.

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Massive camera roundup

Our fantastic team of shutterbugs have been making the rounds at CES 2013 and went hands on with a slew of compact and bridge cameras.

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Oggling the Oculus Rift

Just before we hit the CES show floor, we got some hands on time with the Oculus Rift - a virtual reality headset - at the Digital Experience event on Monday night.

The version that's making its CES debut is its most developed one yet, and despite not being quite 100 percent, it easily surpasses every other virtual reality headset. Period.

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First impressions of Microsoft Surface Pro

Even though the complete details surrounding the Microsoft's Surface Pro are hush-hush, we were lucky enough get some hands on time with the device.

Unlike the already-released Surface RT, the Surface Windows 8 Pro is a full-power PC that you use like a notebook, or a tablet, or both. It runs Windows 8 Pro and all the desktop Windows applications you want, but it's still a touch-friendly tablet that you can rip the keyboard off of when you don't need it.

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Getting touchy-feely with the Samsung Series 7 Chronos

The Samsung Series 7 Chronos laptop was definitely the "bell of the ball" at CES 2013.

Samsung made some slight improvements to this series, which yielded some impressive results in this particular piece of hardware.

The Chronos is a seriously good looking laptop that manages to be thin and light, but has enough power to make it feel like a decent desktop replacement. The keyboard was great to use and has the added advantage of being backlit.

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The big and the bold: eyes on with new TVs

We couldn't pass up a chance to take look at the 110-inch HiSense XT900 4K TV. The picture is big, vibrant, and awe-inspring.

In fact, purchasing this TV would be like having your own IMAX theater in your home.

In addition to being a monsterous size, other specs include WiFi, Smart TV with Google TV, voice control and a camera for Skype calling and facial recognition.

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In search of 3D

Just when we thought we weren't going to see any 3D TVs at CES 2013, the Philips 60-inch glasses-free 3D Ultra HD TV caught our eye.

The main difference between 3D TVs presented at past CES shows is that this one is the first to use an Ultra HD panel - and boy did it make a difference.

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Samsung's top of the range plasma TV

Samsung's latest 51F8500 has the kind of design that its designers simply couldn't get away with on a run-of-the-mill living room TV, this totally gunmetal-gleaned 51-inch TV has a D-shaped curve emanating from the front of the TV that acts as a desktop stand.

If nothing else the 51F8500's ambitious design marks a re-statement of Samsung's confidence in the oft-ignored plasma tech.

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