Panasonic shows off new flagship plasmas

Panasonic shows off new flagship plasmas
Panasonic's new offerings

Panasonic has announced its big refresh of plasma television for 2013, with the flagship ZT60 showcasing a slew of new Smart Viera features from the company.

Pana is keen to show how clever it television are and this year sees the arrival of an optional touch pen to annotate your photos on screen, voice control, swipe-and-share and a personalised home screen.

But, as ever, it is the screen tech that remains the most exciting news for the tech world - and the ZT60 is joined by the VT60, ST60 and non-3D S60 and X60 ranges.


Let's focus primarily on the headlining ZT60, which brings a web-browser, three HDMIs, three USB ports, wireless LAN and more Viera screen tech than you could wave a remote at.

That includes the expected 1080p resolution, 2D-3D conversion, active shutter 3D and a Studio Master Panel that apparently offers up ultimate blacks, contrast and 'crystal crisp' picture.

The flagship range is available in 60 or 65-inch sizes, with the VT60 offering 55, 60 and 65-inches and incorporating a built in camera - a first for Panasonic TVs.

Next up is the lower range ST60 available in 50, 55 , 60 and 65-inches, whilst the non 3D S60 and X60 go down to 42 inch.

The ranges will be available next month, with pricing and more specific dates not yet available.

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