LG shines light on premium Google TV, shipping in Q1 2013

LG's 55-inch GA7900 stood under the flashing bulbs of journalists following the company's press conference at CES Monday, giving us a taste of what's to come later this quarter.

LG said the TV is due out first in the U.S. and will announce international availability at a later date.

Though pricing isn't yet firmed up, an LG representative said it will be in the range of the company's other Google TV offerings - between $1,499 and $1,599.

The GA7900 is a one of seven new Google TVs the company is showing off at CES this year, but it's the most high-end of the models.

LG GA7900

LG's high-end 55-inch Google TV

Running on air

While we couldn't play with the device ourselves during LG's post-press conference time, we got a run down of how it operates thanks to an LG representative.

The TV is run with a Bluetooth remote with a keyboard on the back, working much like a wireless mouse to maneuver around the screen.

LG GA7900 remote

Users also have the option to use voice control to search for what they want, as demonstrated by an LG rep looking for "movie about the Casino robbery in Las Vegas."


It comes with a pre-installed OnLive app, Cinema 3D functionality and dual-core CPUs.

LG OnLive app

We'll get a chance to go hands on with the TVs at LG's booth as the conference kicks off, so stay tuned for more.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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