Cameras at CES 2013

Pentax MX-1
The retro styled Pentax MX1 is just one of the new cameras unveiled at CES this year

This year we've seen another bumper crop of new cameras announced at CES, take a look at our round-up to catch up with any new offerings you might have missed.

Canon at CES

As well as announcing the usual slew of IXUS and Powershot compact upgrades, Canon introduced the PowerShot N, featuring an "unconventional" square design and no shutter button. Instead, it's operated via a ring around the lens and is designed to work no matter which way up you hold it.

Nikon at CES

There'd been rumours for a while that Nikon would unveil new compact system cameras at CES, and those proved to be true. There's been no new DSLRs, but there has been extra lenses for the Nikon 1 system and a couple of new compacts too.

Fujifilm at CES

Fuji has also had a busy year at the show in 2013, unleashing four new bridge cameras, one with a whopping 50x optical zoom. Other compacts have also been announced from the travel and rugged categories. But perhaps the most exciting news comes from the X range of cameras, with the Fuji X10 getting an upgrade in the shape of the X20 and Fuji X100 being upgraded to the X100S. The latter now features the same kind of sensor design as found in the excellent Fuji X Pro1.

Panasonic at CES

CES is usually the time that Panasonic upgrades its line-up of Lumix compact cameras and 2013 is no different. Along with a collection of travel and tough cameras, we also saw the super slim and stylish XS1. On top of that, a 35x optical zoom bridge camera was also unveiled.

Olympus at CES

Although some may have been expecting a new PEN camera, Olympus has stuck to upgrading its compact camera range at CES. Perhaps we'll see something bigger at the upcoming CP+ show in Japan.

Sony at CES

Sony is another big company which usually takes the opportunity at CES to upgrade its compact line-up. This year we've seen new cameras with an upto 26x optical zoom and/or Wi-Fi.

Samsung at CES

Samsung jumped the gun a little early and announced the NX300 a few days before CES officially kicked off. The show floor is still the first opportunity for many to get their hands on the new Wi-Fi enabled CSC. At the main show itself, the company also introduced a new bridge camera and a range of "smart" (Wi-Fi enabled) compact cameras.

Sigma at CES

Following on from its other premium compacts, Sigma has introduced a new 46MP DP3 Merrill. Like the others in the range, it features a fixed focal length optic, this time a 50mm, which is equivalent to 75mm on a full-frame camera.

Pentax at CES

One of the earliest manufacturers to reveal their hand this year, Pentax showed off the retro styled MX-1. The premium compact comes with an array of top-end features, including a lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.8.

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