Panasonic launches slew of new compact cameras

Panasonic launches slew of new compact cameras
The TZ40 is one of nine compacts announced here

Panasonic has introduced new cameras to sit in its travel (high zoom), rugged and slim ranges.

First up, the Panasonic TZ40/ZS30 is the latest in the popular line of high-zoom travel compacts. It features a 20x optical zoom lens and a new 18.1 million pixel sensor.

It's also Wi-Fi and NFC enabled, meaning those with compatible smartphones (most Android phones, but not iOS devices) can simply tap the camera with the phone to begin sharing images.

The Panasonic Lumix TZ40/ZS30 is also capable of recording Full HD video at 50p and draws its Hybrid OIS technology from Panasonic's camcorder technology.

Other features include GPS/GLONASS and an LCD multi-touch screen that can be controlled by gestures. Panasonic says that battery life has been improved to 300 shots (previously 260).

Panasonic launches slew of new compact cameras at CES 2013

Panasonic TZ35/ZS25

Also introduced is the Panasonic TZ35/ZS25 - a successor to the Panasonic TZ25, featuring a 20x optical zoom and 16.1 million pixel Live MOS sensor and Full HD video recording.

It doesn't have Wi-Fi or NFC like the TZ40/ZS30, though.

Rough and ready cameras

Panasonic launches slew of new compact cameras

Panasonic FT5/TS6

A new rugged camera, the Panasonic FT5/TS6, is waterproof down to 13 metres (42.7ft), shock-proof from 2 metres (6.6ft), frost-proof down to -10C (14F), pressure proof to up to 100kg (220lbs) and also dust-proof.

Not only that, but it's also capable of Full HD video recording at 60p, it's equipped with Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS/GIONASS technology. It also includes advanced underwater mode, which is designed to produce more accurate colours.

A 3-inch, 460k dot screen is also included, along with anti-fog glass on the lens.

Panasonic launches slew of new compact cameras

Panasonic FT25/TS25

Another rugged camera, the Panasonic FT25/TS25, is designed to be more family oriented. It is waterproof down to 7 metres (23ft), shock-proof from 1.5 metres (4.9ft), frost-proof down to -10C (14F) and dust-proof.

Both rugged cameras include time lapse video creation and creative panorama mode.

And more

Panasonic launches slew of new compact cameras

Panasonic XS1

Two mid-range compacts, both featuring a 10x optical zoom and 16.3 megapixel sensor, come in the shape of the Panasonic SZ9 and Panasonic SZ3. The SZ9 also features Wi-Fi connectivity, Beauty Retouch and Creative Panorama.

Finally, a trio of stylish compacts have also been introduced. The incredibly slim Panasonic XS1 features a 5x optical zoom, mega OIS, a 24mm wide angle lens and accepts SD cards.

The Panasonic FS50/FS10 and Panasonic F5 have very similar specifications, but are housed in larger bodies.

Release dates and prices are yet to be announced.

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