Two new Nikon compact cameras announced

Nikon S6500
The new Nikon S6500 has a 12x zoom lens and Wi-Fi technology built-in

Nikon has announced two new compact cameras for its Coolpix S-series.

First up is the Nikon S6500 which has a 16MP back illuminated CMOS sensor, Wi-Fi technology built-in for easy sharing of images via a smartphone and a 12x zoom lens with an equivalent focal length range of 25-300mm.

The S6500 also has five new Glamour Retouch effects, including Brighten Faces, which brightens skin tones, and Whiten Teeth, which makes teeth appear whiter.

In addition, the S6500 lens has Nikon's VR system to help reduce the impact of vibration that can blur images captured at telephoto focal lengths.

Nikon has also given the S6500 its Smile Timer with Continuous mode in which the camera captures up to five images continuously and saves them all, as well as Best Shot Selector Mode (BSS), which captures up to five images continuously and saves the one that best captures the smile.

Like the S2700, the S6500 camera has Target Finding AF mode, in which the camera attempts to focus automatically on the most suitable subject just by pointing the camera at it. There's also a Scene Auto Selector, that automatically sets the optimal scene mode, and Face Priority AF that automatically detects and focuses on human faces.

Full HD movie recording with stereo sound is also possible with the S6500 along with a movie recording pause function. The latter enables multiple clips to be recorded intermittently and combined automatically into a single file for one continuous movie. Users can also edit movies to trim selected scenes from the footage.

Coolpix S2700

Aimed at first time camera owners, the Nikon S2700 has Nikon's Scene Auto Selector mode in which the camera assess the subject and automatically selects the optimal scene mode from a choice of six including Portrait, Night portrait, Landscape, Night landscape, Backlighting , Close-up.

Nikon S2700

In addition, the S2700's Special Effects menu allows users to apply colour and tone adjustments prior to shooting. Meanwhile the Filter Effects allow post-capture edits without the need for a computer.

This camera also has a 6x zoom lens with a focal length range equivalent to 26-156mm in 35mm terms.

Like the S6500, the S2700 has Target Finding AF and Motion Detection that automatically increases the shutter speed if camera-shake or subject movement is detected.

The price and availability dates of the Nikon S2700 and Nikon S6500 have yet to be announced.