Olympus launches new tough and high-zoom compact cameras

Olympus SH50
The SH-50 will be the new flagship long zoom camera for Olympus

A total of six new compact cameras have been introduced by Olympus, all of which fit into its Tough and high-zoom Traveller range. The flagship compacts in both ranges borrow technology from the Olympus OM-D, the company's high-end compact system camera (CSC).

The Olympus TG-2 follows on from last year's Olympus TG-1, and features a f/2.0 high speed lens. Aperture priority shooting is also available, which gives control over background blur.

Other features include GPS tracking, 240fps high-speed moving recording for super-slow motion playback, and a 12 million pixel CMOS sensor. The 4x zoom lens starts at 25mm (35mm equivalent).

It's rugged features include waterproofing up to 15 metres (49ft), shock-proofing from up to 2.1 metres (6.9ft), freeze-proofing down -10C (14F) and crush-proofing up to a force of 100kg (220lbs).

It's also compatible with FlashAir Wi-Fi cards for quickly transferring images to smartphones and tablets.

Large zoom

Second up, the new Olympus SH-50 will be the flagship large zoom camera, featuring a 24x optical zoom and a 16 million pixel sensor. It also features Full HD video recording in 60i and 30p, tele-macro shooting, a manual mode and compatibility with FlashAir cards.

Other cameras joining the lineup include the Olympus SZ-15, Olympus TG-830 and Olympus TG-630. US consumers will also have an Olympus SZ-16.

The Olympus SZ-15 features a 16 million pixel sensor, a 24x optical zoom and a range of "family"-friendly options.

Tough choices

Meanwhile, the Olympus TG-830 includes a 16 million pixel CMOS sensor, 5x optical zoom, GPS and e-Compass, Full HD video recording and 60fps shooting. It is shockproof from 2 metres (6.6ft), waterproof down to 10m (33ft), freeze proof down to -10C (14F) and crushproof up to 100kg (220lbs).

The Olympus TG-630 is billed as a more family-friendly option. It is shockproof from 1.5 metres (4.9ft), waterproof to 5 metres (16.4ft) and includes a 12 million pixel CMOS sensor.

All of the new tough models feature Olympus's auto underwater white balance, which the company promises boasts the most realistic colours on the market.

The new cameras will be available from early February to mid March. The Olympus TG-2 price will be £349.99 (around AU$537/US$563), while the TG-830 price will be £249.99 (around AU$384/US$402). The other cameras in the range start from £179.99 (around AU$276/US$290).

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