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The best mouse of 2020: 10 top computer mice compared

best mouse
The best mouse is crucial to your computing life. (Image credit: Future)

Invest in the best mouse you can afford, and it’ll be one of the best purchases of your life. In terms of performance, ergonomics and build, an excellent mouse will deliver more than its cheap, run-of-the-mill counterparts. And, it’ll help you make the most out of that shiny new computer you just purchased.

Regardless of whether you use your computer for gaming, creativity, or productivity, the best mouse will make your computing experience much more seamless and immersive. It may cost you more than that $10 mouse you have, but it’ll also come with a few bells and whistles you’d be hard-pressed to find in lower quality mice, making it an even better value for your money.

From the best wireless mice to their traditional wired counterparts, here are our top picks for the best mouse in 2020. You, your PC, and your wrist deserve the best, and with one of these, your creative workflow, gaming and anything else you do on your computer will be better than ever before.

Best mouse on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Much like last year, many of the best mice of 2020 are getting deep discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You should be able to find a mouse on this list for much less, saving you more money to use for something else.

Whether you’re buying one of the best mice for you or as a gift for someone, it would be wise to wait until the major deal event of the year. Luckily, Black Friday and Cyber Monday rolls around at the end of November, so you won’t have to wait for long.

Logitech MX Master 2S

(Image credit: Logitech)

1. Logitech MX Master 2S

Productivity embodied

DPI: 4,000 | Interface: Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Features: Scrolling wheel, Customizable buttons, Thumb wheel, ergonomic build

Customizable buttons 
Unbelievable tracking 
Not ambidextrous 

The Logitech MX Master 2S is expensive, but don’t let that price tag scare you away. This is the best mouse 2020 has to offer, particularly for productivity and creative tasks. While most mice in this price tag appeal to gamers with ridiculous button setups and edgy designs, this mouse is created for productivity alone. Trust us, you may not think you need a high-end wireless mouse for your day to day office work, but once you get your hands on the Logitech MX Master 2S, you’ll never want to go back. 

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Razer Pro Click

(Image credit: Razer)

2. Razer Pro Click

Razer goes to work

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: Bluetooth | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Features: multi-host connectivity for up to 4 devices, 8 independently programmable buttons, 5G advanced optical sensor

Gorgeous design
Precise ergonomics
Can connect to multiple devices
No USB-C port
Not particularly portable

Why go for the mediocre when you can have a productivity mouse that’s both stunning, feature-rich and extremely functional? If macros are your life – whether you use video editors a lot or heavily rely on graphics design – this is the mouse of your dreams, with 8 fully programmable buttons at your disposal. Razer also gives it a whopping 16,000 DPI for the smoothest and fastest experience, and slaps on the multi-host connectivity because it knows that you’re a multi-tasking machine who uses several devices at once. Of course, being the modern professional or creator that you are, you do things in style, and this mouse has that covered as well with its gorgeous and sleek white on gray design.

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Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

(Image credit: Microsoft)

3. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

The best budget mouse

DPI: 1000 | Interface: Bluetooth | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous | Features: No

Really, really cheap
Smaller than most mice

Sometimes you just need a cheap, reliable mouse that you can throw in your laptop bag without worry. That’s one of the things the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is great for. 

This may be the best mouse for anyone looking for an inexpensive pointing device that they can rely one – it’s one of the most dependable wireless mice you can buy today, and it’s from a brand you can trust. 

Logitech M330 Silent Plus

(Image credit: Logitech)

4. Logitech M330 Silent Plus

The best compact mouse

DPI: 1,000 | Interface: 2.4GHz wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Features: Quiet buttons, 10-meter wireless connectivity, 2 x AA batteries (claimed 24-month battery life)

Near-silent operation
Short on buttons
No Bluetooth connectivity

If you’re looking for something that’s seen and not heard, then this is the best mouse for you. Because the Logitech M330 Silent Plus is so compact and silent, it’s the perfect mouse for using on an airplane tray next to a sleeping neighbor or at a cafe.

Just slip it into your laptop bag when you’re ready to go, and weighing less than a quarter of a pound, you won’t even notice the added bulk. It's the perfect mouse for working from home as well.

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

(Image credit: Microsoft)

5. Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

The legend returns

DPI: 3200 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 5 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Features: Classic design, Programmable buttons, Subdued white lighting

Solid design 
Not wireless 

While it seems like all of our peripherals are either being fitted with unnecessary lighting or morphed into odd shapes, there are still some mice out there that you can take seriously from looks alone. 

The Microsoft Classic Intellimouse, for example, touts a classic design and appealing white lighting, and it is a breath of fresh air. It also beefs up the sensor, allowing users to ramp up the DPI to 3,200. It’s not wireless, and it’s hardly made for gaming, but if you’re in the market for a mouse that’ll help you get all your work done, the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse may be the best mouse for you.  

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Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

(Image credit: Anker)

6. Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

It looks weird, but it feels pretty good

DPI: 1000 | Interface: USB | Buttons: 5 | Ergonomic: Vertical | Features: No

Good for RSI sufferers and prevention
Cheap as chips
Thumb buttons don't work on Macs

Don’t let its odd design and annoying tongue twister moniker fool you. The Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical mouse is only off putting until you get your hands on it. From the moment you start using this mouse, you’ll know it’s the best mouse for you. Sure, it’s built a little more cheaply than other ergonomic mice. But look at it this way: it’s an affordable way to prevent RSI. 

Apple Magic Mouse 2

(Image credit: Apple)

7. Apple Magic Mouse 2

As ever, Apple thinks different

DPI: 1300 | Interface: Bluetooth | Buttons: 0 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous | Features: Multi-touch

Looks fantastic
Multi-touch is clever
Spectacularly uncomfortable (for us; your mileage may vary)

When Apple isn’t busy making very expensive phones and even more expensive PC powerhouses like the new Mac Pro 2019, it’s hard at work crafting one of the strangest yet most effective mice we’ve ever laid our hands on. 

If you find yourself doing a double take when looking at the specs, as there are no buttons on the Magic Mouse 2. This mouse is completely controlled by gestures, giving it all the benefits of a trackpad, as well as a mouse.

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless

(Image credit: Logitech)

8. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless

A brilliant ergonomic mouse

DPI: 512 – 2048 | Interface: Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Features: Trackball, USB dongle, Logitech ‘Flow’ software compatibility for use with up to three PCs simultaneously, micro USB charging, precision mode

Comfortable design
Accurate trackball
No left-handed version
Tilt options are limited

The third trackball mouse Logitech has put out since 2008, the MX Ergo Wireless is an anomaly in an industry that is otherwise crowded with optical laser mice. As such, it certainly charms those who haven’t quite moved on to the gesture-based desktop trackpads of the present. With the option to lay it flat or use it at a 20-degree angle, this mouse is uniquely satisfying, and the best mouse if you’re looking for versatility.

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Logitech MX Vertical

(Image credit: Logitech)

9. Logitech MX Vertical

Navigation and comfort

DPI: 4,000 | Interface: Bluetooth (pairs with up to three devices); USB-C | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Features: Ergonomic build, Easy-Switch and Flow-Enabled, Fast recharging, Cursor speed switch

Comfortable design 
Four-month battery life 

If you’re looking for an extremely comfortable mouse that will make your work day a little less rigorous, you’ll need the best mouse that’s ergonomically-focused like the Logitech MX Vertical. It’s a great example of what these mice are capable of. 

As the name suggests, it’s a vertical mouse, but it actually feels a lot more natural in your hand that you would think. Plus, it helps reduce the amount of stress you have to exert on your wrist and hand muscles. As an added bonus, there’s a handy little button at the top that lets you seamlessly swap between different computers for an even more seamless productivity process.

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Razer DeathAdder Chroma

(Image credit: Razer)

10. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

When plain old death isn't enough

DPI: 10,000 | Interface: USB | Buttons: 5 | Ergonomic: Right-handed | Features: lighting effects

Very comfortable
Very accurate
Lighting feels a bit gimmicky
Software can be a bit flaky

Razer products aren’t for everyone. Specifically, they appeal to an audience that enjoys the svelte industrial design of an Apple gadget, but with a gamer-centric slant. That’s especially the case with the DeathAdder Chroma, a mouse that comes with 16.8 million LED-backlit color options out of the box, along with a hyper-accurate 10,000 DPI sensor.

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