Logitech Lift for Mac

The Logitech Lift for Mac proves that great things come in small, recyclable packages

Birds Eye view of the Logitech Lift for Mac
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TechRadar Verdict

The Logitech Lift for Mac is an impressive, quirky-looking mouse that makes work life a little easier. It's designed with productivity in mind and allows for effortless scrolling across all your devices. However, if you've got above-average-sized hands or happen to be left-handed, this mouse is definitely not for you.


  • +

    Long Lasting Battery

  • +

    Near-silent but satisfying clicks

  • +

    Many customization options


  • -

    The grip could be better

  • -

    No left-hand option

  • -

    May be uncomfortable for larger hands

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Logitech Lift for Mac: One minute review

The simplicity of the design aids in the adjustment. The Logitech Lift for Mac has six buttons available for customization. Out of the box are the usual left and right click, back and forward buttons on the left of the mouse, and a middle click button. The mouse is best suited to small to medium hands, which does impact its user versatility a little bit.

Many ergonomic mice can look really intimidating and even a bit bewildering, but with the Logitech Lift I faced my fears of odd-looking mice and came out wondering why I had never tried one out before.  Obviously one of the first worries is how exactly are you supposed to hold this thing if you’re a novice like me, but from first touch it’s very easy to adjust and you almost forget the slightly different grip. 

The simplicity of the design aids in the adjustment. The Logitech Lift for Mac has six buttons available for customization. Out of the box are the usual left and right click, back and forward buttons on the left of the mouse, and a middle click button. The mouse is best suited to small to medium hands, which does impact its user versatility a little bit.

The Logitech Lift for Mac is definitely one of the best mice to ever get aggressively clicked and dragged around across my desk. Its unique aesthetic brightens up my workspace, and the battery life and connectivity across devices make it the only mouse you’ll need on your desk.

Logitech Lift for Mac: Price and availability

Front view of Logitech Lift Mouse

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  • Costs $70 from the Logitech Store
  • Cheaper than key competitors

The Logitech Lift for Mac is available from the Logitech store for the same price across regions, around $70 USD(around £62/AU$107). We reckon this is a fair price for the mouse and lines up with the general ethos Logitech espouses around making their products affordable. 

This will definitely be one of the cheaper mice for PCs and Macs that you’ll find. The Magic Mouse 2 from Apple will run you $79 for essentially the same thing, only less user-friendly than the Logitech Lift. Unlike the Magic Mouse, the Lift offers a truly wireless experience as it utilizes a single AA battery that promises 24 months of use on a single battery.  This is obviously far more convenient than having to put your mouse upside down and out of commission to charge it. A quick battery swap and you’re good to go!

  • Value: 4 / 5

Logitech Lift for Mac: Design

Underside of Logitech Lift Mouse

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  • Not for people with large hands 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Versatile software

The 57-degree lift on the Logitech Lift (get it?)  is designed to take the strain off your wrist and force your hand into an almost handshake position, straightening out your arm and overall posture. It does feel a bit odd at first, particularly if you are very used to a traditional mouse and spend all day using one, but the transition is not as awkward as you might think. Within an hour of using the mouse, you kind of forget it's not the one you normally use, which is neat for those of us that absolutely hate change but want less painful wrists.

A design element that proved to be super useful in the office is the ability to switch between devices with relative ease.  Once the LogiOptions+ software is installed on each desired device, you can swap between them with the press of a button on the underside of the mouse. We do wish the button for this was not on the underside and could be assigned to one of the other six customizable buttons, but it’s not a major operation and it does only take a few seconds to cycle through your devices. 

There’s a plethora of options you can choose from when it comes to personalizing your mouse buttons in LogiOptions+, from screen snippet tools to switching displays if you have more than one, undo and redo, cut and paste, etc. This list is long and full of useful little tools for all kinds of work, be it creative, business, or personal projects. You can also set specific commands for most common workplace apps like Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and more.

There are so many good things to say about this little mouse, though that is not to say it is without flaws. As near perfect as the Logitech Lift may be, all things have their faults. I found my pinky finger dragging across the desk when not making a  conscious effort to avoid doing so, and while that might not be overtly disruptive on screen it can be a bit annoying once you clock on how often it happens.

The soft textured grip that gives the mouse its seashell look doesn’t really add much grip and could be refined to keep your hand in place (thus preventing your pinky from being dragged around).

According to Logitech, 54% of this product is made with post-consumer recycled plastic, which is always a plus when it comes to creating and maintaining a sustainable work environment. The packaging it comes in is recyclable as well - something that is becoming increasingly common for tech products. 

  • Design: 4 / 5

Logitech Lift for Mac: Performance

Back view of Logitech Lift Mouse

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  • Incredible battery life 
  • Adjustable DPI 
  • Almost silent clicking 

The mouse is a one-handed productivity machine, and performs as such. With one or two clicks you can do so much more than what can be done with a  traditional mouse. The Logitech Lift for Mac uses advanced optical Tracking technology that tracks movement with just the right amount of sensitivity. 

The mouse has a base of 400 dpi that can be increased to 4000 dpi in 100 dpi increments. It would be quite unlikely for the average person to have to crank the DPI much higher than the set standard right out of the box, but this may lean the Lift being a decent stand-in for a gaming mouse if you’re on a budget or after something a bit more ergonomic.

The battery life promise is an astounding two years, and while we obviously cannot verify this ourselves (unless you’d like to check back in with us in 2024), the battery has not dipped under 100% since being used constantly during the workday for a good few days.

There is never a glitch or delay when using the mouse across screens or devices, and the mouse does become an extension of your hand as the day progresses. The clicks are satisfying but quiet. As we were using the mouse we did note that it would definitely not work very well for anyone with above average hand size, which is a bummer. 

  • Performance: 4 / 5

Should you buy a Logitech Lift for Mac?

Buy If...

You’re a creative or digital worker 
The customization of the buttons on the mouse, which can be tailored on a per-program basis, is great for switching between software and having complete control with every click.

You have multiple devices
The easy switching method means the Logitech Lift mouse will be your best friend if you need a mouse to use across multiple devices or displays simultaneously.

You want something unique 
There's no denying this mouse looks kinda nifty! it's got an interesting but comfortable-to-use shape that will definitely stand out in the office or in class.

Don't buy if...

You have large hands 
If you don't have small or just about average-sized hands then this really isn't the mouse for you. It would be an uncomfortable experience trying to use the mouse if it doesn't fit your hand well. No support for lefties, either!

You want something colorful  
Logitech and many other brands offer far more colorful mice than the Lift, which only comes in white. A bit boring, and prone to getting messy with time and use.

You want a gaming mouse
There are plenty of ergonomic gaming mouse out there, we don't recommend trying to convert this mouse into a gaming mouse as it just won't perform as well. 

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Logitech Lift for Mac: Report card

Swipe to scroll horizontally
ValueGreat value for money on this mouse, with loads of flexibility for a good price.4 / 5
DesignA little odd to get into at first, but very comfortable on the hands over long periods.4 / 5
PerformanceFast, responsive and works well across multiple displays and devices. 4 / 5
TotalThe perfect professional mouse that looks very cool and makes productivity a whole lot easier.4 / 5

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