Evesham 1080p TVs come with free DVD player

Buy a new Evesham 1080p and you'll get a free upscaling DVD player.. but only while stocks last

Evesham has launched a new range of budget 1080p LCD TVs. The Alqemi VX screens are available in 37 and 42 inch sizes. And if you buy one, Evesham will also throw in a free upscaling DVD player to sweeten the deal. While stocks last, of course.

"Precision colour reproduction and the very highest screen resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) combine to offer vibrant, staggering HD pictures," says Evesham of its new TVs. "Quality picture is complemented by tremendous sound... Nicam 3D panoramic stereo sound equips the VX 1080p TVs with an illustrious and realistic sound quality."

Evesham 1080p TVs

Traditionally a PC and laptop builder, Evesham's previous Alqemi TVs have met with some praise. Our colleagues at What Plasma and LCD TV described the Alqemi 32SX model as: "happy with standard-def and positively ecstatic with hi-def feeds. If you're on a budget, you'd be hard pushed to find a better way to spend £600 on a TV upgrade."

Both of the new TVs feature a standard analogue tuner and also a built-in digital tuner to ensure you'll be able to pick up Freeview if you live in an area with decent digital terrestrial TV coverage. Whitehaven residents! This now means you.

The 1080p XV TVs also boast a Picture in Picture (PiP) function so you can carry on watching your favourite soap whilst keeping an eye on the latest sports action. True, the LCD panel's response time of 6.5ms isn't as speedy as some of its rivals. But it's not a bad package considering the price.

And budget pricing is what makes the Evesham sets stand out. The 37-inch VX model will be selling for £649 inc VAT; the 42-inch set is a little pricier at £799 inc VAT.

Free DVD player

As you'd expect, both the 37-inch and 42-inch Evesham Alquemi TVs also include HDMI connections. They'll be able to connect to all Blu-ray and HD DVD players as well as HD games consoles, like the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's freshly-updated Xbox 360. A full spec list is available on the Evesham website - point your browser at http://www.evesham.com/alqemi.

The free DVD player, available while stocks last, will upscale your DVDs to near HD resolution. It also supports MP3 audio and JPEG photos, as well as DivX video playback - so it's handy for watching movies that you've burned onto disc too.

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