One of the best PS4 games could be coming to PS5 and PC this year

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Another year brings yet another round of Bloodborne rumors. This time, it’s concerning the PS4 classic’s emergence on PS5 and PC later this year, according to a leaker with a pretty impressive track record.

Twitter leaker CrazyLeaksOnATrain (opens in new tab) ignited the Bloodborne bonfire once more, stating that current-gen ports for Bloodborne are “still coming,” and will be the next PS5 and PC port after Days Gone, which is also heading to PC this year.

As always, we suggest to exercise caution when it comes to leaks, especially for a game as highly requested as Bloodborne. Leaker CrazyLeaksOnATrain has had a fairly solid track record so far, though, correctly predicting PC ports for Nioh 2, Kingdom Hearts and the Ninja Gaiden trilogy.

A hunter must hunt...on PC

This isn’t the first round of Bloodborne remaster rumors, and they certainly won’t be the last. FromSoftware’s gothic horror action-RPG is one of the PS4’s most highly regarded games, and people have been clamouring for a PC port to address the original release’s often poor frame rate and load times.

A PS5 and PC remaster for Bloodborne could easily address these complaints and more, with potential support for 4K, 60fps refresh rates (or higher), HDR compatibility and support for mouse and keyboard, among other quality of life features. 

It could also present an opportunity to introduce much of the game’s well-documented cut content that didn’t make it to the PS4 version. Said content included everything from enemies and bosses to weapons and entirely separate locations, and it’s all available to peruse on the Bloodborne Fandom Wiki (opens in new tab).

PlayStation has been steadily releasing PC versions of its most revered PS4 games over the past couple of years including Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding, and it’s soon to add Days Gone to that PS4-to-PC catalog. At this point, a Bloodborne remaster for PS5 and PC wouldn’t be a surprise, but it would certainly be extremely welcome.

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