Bloodborne is now playable on PC thanks to PlayStation Now

The battle for console exclusives makes for some great games unique to the platforms they've been created for, but it can be a pain to see a rival device get a great title not available to your machine of choice. So PC gamers get a nice little surprise today, thanks to a PlayStation Now update.

Sony's streaming service, which offers more than 650 PS3 and PS4 titles, has today received a library update that sees the revered PS4 classic, Bloodborne, available to PlayStation Now subscribers.

As a PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne has previously only been available to those that bought it for Sony's PS4 console. And with there being little hope of it ever reaching another platform, the PlayStation Now streaming service is likely the only way gamers that exclusively play on PC will ever get to experience it.

Brilliant Bloodborne

And experience it they should: Bloodborne is one of the finest games of the generation, if not all time. Developed by the team behind the rock-hard Dark Souls series, it doubles down on the horror, with the signature Souls action-orientated RPG combat complemented by an eerie Victorian aesthetic.

Now's a good time to jump in with PlayStation Now (which is also available on PS4), as there's currently a discounted summer promotion running, letting you get three month's access to the service for around the price of two.

If you've never tried PlayStation Now, you can take advantage of a 7 day free trial for newcomers. After that, once the summer discount ends, it'll cost £12.99 / $19.99 / AU$19.99 a month Just make sure you've got a speedy and stable-enough web connection to take advantage of it.

Gerald Lynch

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