Best Apple AirTag accessories: keyrings, mounts, cases and more for your tracker

Apple AirTags
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About the size of an American quarter or £2 coin, an Apple AirTag can easily slide into a purse, wallet, or pocket without a cover. Its IP67 dustproof and water-resistant coating means it should handle most daily wear and tear, with a year of battery life so it can safely remain hidden for long stretches.

That being said, not everything you want to track has a convenient deep pocket. AirTag accessories like keyrings, protective cases, luggage tags, dog collars, and other containers will make it much easier to track valuables of any shape or size.

A single Apple AirTag costs $29 / £29 / AU$45, or you can buy a 4-pack bundle for $99 / £99 / AU$149. Adding a pricey leather or TPU case for each will add up, so we're not suggesting you need accessories for every AirTag you buy. But there are certain situations where your AirTag won't work on its own.

If you're not certain how AirTags work or what you need for them to work, we'll break down everything you need to know in the guide below. Once you're up to speed, we'll show you some of the best AirTag accessories to track specific valuables. 

How do AirTags work?

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We have full guides on how AirTags work and how to use AirTags with iOS 14.5 for anyone unfamiliar with how they operate. Essentially, they're Bluetooth-enabled trackers that pair to your iPhone so you can track them nearby (or at a distance).

Each AirTag's signal is encrypted so only you can track them with your Apple ID. Allegedly, not even Apple knows where individual AirTags are. But if it's out of range of your iPhone's Bluetooth, your AirTag will piggyback off of other people's iPhones' Bluetooth to send its location to your iPhone – without these strangers even realizing they're helping you.

Using most iPhones, iPads, or on a browser, you can track your missing device nearby using the AirTag's speakers or from afar using the Find My network. But to use the 'Precision Finding' feature that points you directly at the AirTag with an estimated distance, you need a newer iPhone with Ultra Wideband built-in.

That's why the best AirTag 'accessory' could be an iPhone 12, iPhone 11 or any of their Pro or mini counterparts; they're the only models that enable Precision Finding. Otherwise, any of the following devices can use every other AirTag tracking feature, but not Precision Finding:

Now that you know how to track AirTags down, it's time to run through the cool accessories that attach them to your most valuable possessions.

What are the best Apple AirTags accessories to buy?

AirTags only became available recently, but there are already plenty of accessories available to get the best use out of them. Here are the best AirTag accessories that we've discovered thus far, based on criteria like price, quality of materials, and purpose.

Note: many of these products are back-ordered or pre-orders, so it may take weeks or months for your accessory to arrive. Be sure to check the estimated delivery date before purchasing.

An AirTag inside a leather loop attached to a keychain

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1. AirTag Leather Keyring / Leather Loop

Official Apple-branded accessories

Reasons to buy

Quality materials with snug fit
Multiple color options

Reasons to avoid

Pricier than the AirTag itself

We're lumping together Apple's two leather accessories for our top slot. Whether you need to track your keys, a purse, or something else, one of these will keep your tracker securely fastened and look stylish doing it. Just keep in mind that they're rather expensive.

We tested both accessories during our AirTag review. They have a metal clasp that firmly holds the AirTag in place, with a thin, light design that won't add too much bulk to whatever you're tracking. Available in red, saddle brown or black (keychain only), these leather holders make a fashion statement, though perhaps they're too eye-catching if you'd rather that people not see it.

A brown leather keyring holding an AirTag

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2. Nomad Leather Loop

Secretive, stylish holders

Reasons to buy

High-quality leather
Strong adhesive

Reasons to avoid

Somewhat pricey

Most AirTag cases leave the Apple logo uncovered, making it clear to outsiders (and you) what it is. If you want a stylish, leather AirTag holder that conceals and protects the tracker, consider Nomad.

Available in Rustic Brown, Natural (tan) and Black, the Nomad Leather Loop holds your AirTag with a 3M adhesive, so no one can easily unclasp or yank out your AirTag (assuming they even know it's there). Nomad says its Horween leather will gain a weathered patina look over time, whereas other cases would simply start to wear out.

The Nomad Leather Loop, Keychain, Glasses Strap and Pet Tag are all available for pre-order now.

An AirTag fabric sleeve

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3. Moment Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTags

Conceal your tracker from thieves

Reasons to buy

Adheres to most materials
Makes AirTag difficult to find

Reasons to avoid

Only comes with one adhesive / in one color

You don't need an accessory to stick an AirTag in a bag or purse, but there's always the chance that it falls out or you lose track of it. You may also want to hide it so a thief will have trouble spotting it, or simply because you don't like your electronics being visible.

With this 2-inch x 2-inch (50mm x 50mm) mount, you can adhere your AirTag to nearly any surface – Moment claims it will stick to nylon, polyester, vinyl, canvas, rubber, leather, plastic, and several other materials – and keep it surreptitiously stuck in place until the battery runs out. 

The Stretch Fabric Mount is perfect for soft, uneven surfaces like a backpack. If you want to stick your AirTag to a harder surface or something exposed to the elements, try the watertight Hard Shell Mount or Curved Surface Mount. These come with two adhesives, while the Stretch Fabric Mount unfortunately only comes with one.

*These accessories will ship in July 2021.

A dog collar with an attached container for an Apple AirTag

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4. TagVault: Pet Collar Attachment

Screws into your dog's current collar

Reasons to buy

Attaches securely to collar you already own

Reasons to avoid

Won't work for smaller pets or thicker collars

Micro-chipping is fine and dandy if someone finds and IDs your lost pet, but an AirTag collar will let you take matters into your own hands and find your little rascal before it gets hurt.

Some AirTag accessories loop around a collar, but these aren't secure and will likely bump against your pet as they run. The TagVault accessory uses screws that insert directly into most collars, so the container is securely fastened. You can unscrew the front to change the battery without removing the whole thing from the collar.

This accessory is fully waterproof – AirTags are only resistant – so your pet can't do much to damage its tracker. The manufacturer claims it fits pets over ten pounds comfortably, which'll let you keep track of dogs and larger cats.

*This will ship in July 2021.

A Caseology case and carabiner for Apple AirTag

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5. Caseology Vault AirTags Case

Affordable protection

Reasons to buy

Low price
TPU will protect against falls

Reasons to avoid

AirTag exposed to scratches, easily removeable
Not really a 'keychain'

Caseology frequently makes an appearance on our buying guides for phone cases, so it's no surprise that the company quickly developed an on-brand AirTag case with textured, protective plastic that's proven popular with consumers.

Unlike some other AirTag holders with clasps or adhesives, you simply force the AirTag into the center hole, leaving it more exposed and easy for someone to force out than some people would like. But it's affordable for people who want to buy several cases at once, and you won't have to wait long for it to arrive.

Also, keep in mind that that this isn't exactly a 'keychain' as advertised: it's a case with a hole for a carabiner that'll dangle off of your keychain. Most actual keychain loops won't be large enough to slot through the case's hole.

Apple AirTag holder with colorful skin protector

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6. dbrand AirTag skins and wraps

Give your tag a makeover

Reasons to buy

Dozens of color options for front and back
Affordable plastic grip

Reasons to avoid

Plastic case has no clasp

AirTags have a white plastic back and a shiny, easily scratchable steel top. Whether you want to cover it up to prevent scratches or conceal the Apple logo from other people, you should strongly consider dbrand.

Choose from 26 different AirTag 'skins' that stick to the front and back of your tag, with different patterns or solid colors depending on your style. dbrand also sells an affordable plastic AirTag holder with a built-in hole, plus a keyring and lanyard – but you can buy a few skins to pair with another AirTag case if you'd prefer.

*Ships in June 2021

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