The best Apple Watch bands 2023: Top straps for every Watch model and size

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One of the best Apple Watch bands in this guide will upgrade your smartwatch, making it more stylish or even more practical, depending on the type of watch strap you choose. There are many different styles of Apple Watch bands to choose from, including directly from Apple, Amazon and other third-party sellers. 

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We’ve tested many of the best Apple Watches over the years and tried many of the best Apple Watch bands as a result, which means we know the key factors to consider when you want to personalize your smartwatch. The essential thing you need to know is the size you need. 

Smaller Apple Watches with a casing size of 40mm or 41mm use the same-sized smaller bands, while Watches that measure 42mm, 44mm, or 45mm need the same series of larger bands. The 49mm Apple Watch Ultra also works with the same-sized bands as the 45mm Apple Watches. 

We’ve picked more than 30 of the best Apple Watch band options to suit all kinds of preferences. A new strap isn’t the only way to give your Apple Watch an upgrade. Read our best Apple Watch accessories guide and our best Apple Watch charging stands and best Apple Watch screen protectors lists as well. 

We’ve tested many of the best Apple Watch bands below, but there are some products listed here that we haven’t had hands-on time with. However, based on our experts’ opinion, we think all these options are worth your time. Each of our selections considers online reviews, brand reputation, product capability, and unique features to help you find the best Apple Watch band for you.

The best Apple Watch bands 2023

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Everyday Apple Watch bands

Your Apple Watch is an everyday essential wearable, so you want a similarly everyday Apple Watch bands to go alongside it. These bands look good and are suitably durable, so they can withstand whatever you get up to. They might not be as stylish as an expensive designer option, but they'll look as appropriate on public transport as they will in the office. Think of these bands in the same way as your reliable favorite T-shirt or pair of jeans - just in smartwatch form. 

Apple Watch bands for working out

When you're working out, you don't want an Apple Watch band that makes you feel sweaty or hot. Instead, you want something fairly breathable - that's also water and sweat-resistant. There are plenty of these out there, so we've focused on the top choices. Each will look good so you can wear them in any setting, but the focus is on comfort when working up a sweat.

Apple Watch bands for swimming

The best Apple Watch bands for swimming have a lot in common with the best straps for working out. They're lightweight and comfortable, while also being waterproof so you don't have to worry about them falling apart during your swim. The options here are all great for casual use too - just bear in mind that they're not suitable for more formal occasions.

Leather Apple Watch bands

Leather Apple Watch bands - and vegan leather options - have the classiness of a traditional watch, with all the benefits of being designed specifically for your Apple device. Leather is highly durable when you maintain it well, so it's good value for money, but it's not great for exercising - and certainly not suitable for swimming. 

Designer Apple Watch bands

Designer Apple Watch bands can be very expensive, but not always. We've curated a range of bespoke options here: some from big-name designers, others from less well-known artists or in-house designers - all with a unique look that will help you stand out from the crowd. There's something here for every budget. If you want to spend more than your watch cost, you can, but there are still some very smart-looking bespoke options for far less, as well as fun designs, and you can even create a bracelet-style look with one of the options here.