Amazon unveils a Ring security camera with radar, and a new panic button

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro being charged by a solar panel.
(Image credit: Amazon)

As part of its September 2022 Amazon event, the retail giant has unveiled three new Ring devices: the Spotlight Cam Pro, the Spotlight Cam Plus, and the Ring Alarm Panic Button (2nd Gen).

Ring and its parent company Amazon are behind some of the best home security cameras and best video doorbells out there, and from the looks of things, these new models promise to be pretty impressive additions to the current lineup.

The Ring Spotlight Cam was already a great option for people looking to bring security to their home’s outside space without needing to worry about the availability of a power connection. 

Spotlight Cam Pro at night with its powerful light and speaker.

The Spotlight Cam Pro  at night (Image credit: Amazon)

In our review of the base model (which we gave three and a half stars) we commended the camera’s motion-activated flood lights and loud siren which can kick in alongside the video recording to deter would-be intruders (or activated remotely as you watch the live stream footage). 

The Spotlight Cam Pro not only retains these features but makes improvements. 

Using radar, the new security camera can use 3D motion detection that will only trigger when a moving object crosses a pre-set threshold – meaning someone passing by the street shouldn’t set your camera off, but someone who steps onto your property will.

This new sensor will pair nicely with Ring’s bird’s-eye view mode. Thanks to this 3D tracking you can see a map of where people traveled on your property, seeing the exact path they took as they moved between camera zones. And for those of you worried about privacy, you can set customizable zones so that these features will exclude specified areas in the camera’s vision.

The battery or plug-in model of the Spotlight Cam Pro will be available to pre-order for $229.99 / £199.99 / AU$329, while the solar-powered version will set you back $249.99 (UK pricing to come later and currently unavailable in Australia) . But if that’s a bit steep for you, you might want to check out the Spotlight Cam Plus instead.

The Spotlight Cam Plus on a wall being charged by a solar panel.

The Spotlight Cam Plus solar powered version (Image credit: Amazon)

This other new camera serves as the midpoint between the old Spotlight Camera and the Pro model. It bundles all of the Spotlight Camera’s existing features like two-way talk, color night vision, live view, and a security siren into a new sleeker package.

Just like other versions of the Spotlight Cam, the Spotlight Cam Plus will be available with different power modes (including Solar, Battery, Wired, and Plug-In) and is available for preorder starting at $199.99 / £179.99 / AU$289.

Panic! at the home

Last but not least Amazon and Ring have also unveiled the Ring Alarm Panic Button (2nd Gen). 

This manual alarm system can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface (like a bedside cabinet) and by pressing and holding the button in the middle you can set off all of the Ring alarms in your home. Using the Ring app you can set up the panic button to also contact your emergency contacts, and even request assistance from emergency responders.

Right now the 2nd generation Ring Alarm Panic Button is available for pre-order for $29.99 / £29.99 (currently not available in Australia), $5 cheaper than the 1st gen model was available for before the announcement.

If you can't wait for the new models to release then you might want to check out the best Ring deals we can find online today. Alternatively, you could wait until Amazon Prime Day 2 (which takes place soon) and snag a deal on one of the older Ring home security devices.

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