13 movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus, and more in September 2022

Morfydd Clark's Galadriel walks across a battle field wearing her armor and carrying her sword in The Rings of Power
Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series arrives on Prime Video this September. (Image credit: Ben Rothstein/Amazon Studios)

September 2022 is almost here, and, with it, comes a changing of the seasons. The nights are starting to get longer, cooler, and darker (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) and, subsequently, we suspect you'll be staying indoors more often than not.

Still, you won't be struggling for things to watch if you favor a cosy night in. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and other popular streaming services will be delivering a bounty of new content to check out in September, ranging from highly anticipated TV shows to potentially big movies.

Below, we've rounded up 13 of the biggest TV series and films to get excited about on HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Hulu, and more. We've done our best to cater to every type of viewer, too, so there's bound to be something that will pique your interest from our selection.

Here, then, are the best and most eagerly awaited movies and TV shows set to launch on the biggest streaming platforms around in September 2022.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime Video)

When to stream it: Friday, September 2

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is Amazon's biggest hope for 2022 – and with good reason. Its first season cost $465 million alone and, with Stranger Things and House of the Dragon posting huge viewing figures on Netflix and HBO Max respectively, Amazon Studios needs its own big-budget, prestige fantasy show to keep its fanbase engaged.

The Rings of Power is a series inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's legendary Lord of the Rings novels. Set 3,500 years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, it'll tell the multi-narrative tale of events that play out during Middle-earth's Second Age. That includes the forging of the titular Rings of Power, Sauron's attempt to become Middle-earth's totalitarian ruler, and his eventual defeat during the Last Alliance of elves and men.

However, it isn't a prequel to Peter Jackson's multi-award winning film trilogy. Sure, it exists in the same fictional universe, but it sits apart from Jackson's Lord of the Rings cinematic offerings. Equally noteworthy is The Rings of Power's condensing of the Second Age's timeline – the Prime Video show isn't set across three millennia, instead taking place over a few decades so that mortal and immortal beings can co-exist, with their stories running parallel to one another. It's a huge creative divergence from Tolkien's source material, and one that's alienated some diehard fans.

Still, it'll be worth watching. If nothing else, it'll provide plenty of watercooler talking points in the office on Monday mornings – and who knows? It might actually be a terrific show. Keep an eye out for our spoiler-free review for our thoughts very soon.

Elvis (HBO Max)

When to stream it: Friday, September 2

Almost three months on from its theatrical release, Elvis swings its way into the HBO Max movie back catalog to entertain folks on the small screen.

The musical biopic stars Austin Butler as the legendary rock and roll star, with Tom Hanks playing Elvis' nefarious manager Colonel Tom Parker. The film charts the meteoric rise of the King of Rock and Roll through the eyes of Parker, capturing the complicated 20-year relationship between the pair and delving into other areas of Presley's private life, such as his drug addiction and marriage to Priscilla Beaulieu.

Elvis wowed critics and audiences back in June and, while it grossed less than $300 million at the global box office, the Baz Luhrmann-directed movie is a stirring and drama-fulled musical epic that deserves your attention. One for the weekend if you're looking for an alternative to Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series.

Pinocchio (Disney Plus)

When to stream it: Thursday, September 8

Launching as part of the second annual Disney Plus Day, a live-action remake of classic movie Pinocchio lands in early September.

The Disney Plus movie has been directed by the award-winning Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump), and comes with some serious star power. Tom Hanks, Luke Evans, Cynthia Erivo, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Keegan-Michael Key are among its all-star cast. Meanwhile, relative newcomer Benjamin Evan Ainsworth voices the titular puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy.

Pinocchio isn't likely to deviate too much from the story that fans across the globe will already know – that honor is reserved for Guillermo del Toro's stop-motion animated adaptation of Pinocchio, which arrives on Netflix later this year. Even so, you know what you'll be getting from a live-action remake of a beloved Disney film, and it's a flick that's sure to entertain the whole family.

Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney Plus)

When to stream it: Thursday, September 8

Thor: Love and Thunder storms onto Disney Plus in time for the September 8 festivities, too.

The god of thunder's fourth solo film was the 29th MCU movie – check out our Marvel movies in order guide for more details – to arrive in cinemas worldwide. Despite mixed reviews (read our Thor 4 spoiler-free review for our thoughts), it's currently the sixth highest-grossing film of 2022. Still, we suspect a few people would've held off seeing it in theaters, which makes it eventual arrival on Disney Plus a big deal.

Set after Avengers: Endgame, Thor: Love and Thunder sees the Norse god (Chris Hemsworth) doing some soul searching as he seeks to find new purpose to his life. However, when the villainous Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) begins wiping out gods across the cosmos in a quest for vengeance, Thor puts a team together – comprising Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Taiki Waititi), and ex-girlfriend-turned-superhero Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), aka the Mighty Thor – to put an end to Gorr's crusade.

Once you've watch the superhero movie, be sure to check out our Thor 4 ending and post-credits scene explainer for more on his MCU future.

Cobra Kai season 5 (Netflix)

When to stream it: Friday, September 9

Cobra Kai, the cult Netflix series, is back for its fifth season – and, based on the footage we've seen, as well as what went down in the season 4 finale, the stakes are greater than they've ever been. Well, where the art of karate is concerned, anyway.

Following the shocking events that played out in the All Valley Tournament, Terry Silver is gearing up to expand his 'No Mercy' style of karate in California. And, really, who is there to stop him? John Kreese is behind bars, while Johnny Lawrence has temporarily walked away from his role as mentor-in-chief to repair the damage he's caused. Well, Daniel LaRusso is around, so it looks like the job title of 'season 5 hero' rests on his shoulders. Except, he won't be doing it alone *tease tease*.

The comedy-drama series is one of Netflix's big hitters for September, so expect it to perform as well as previous installments. It's got a high bar to reach, though – Cobra Kai's four seasons to date have achieved at least a 90% certified fresh rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. No pressure, then, Cobra Kai season 5.

American Gigolo (Paramount Plus)

When to stream it: Saturday, September 10

Now this could be a surprise hit. American Gigolo, a remake of the 1980 drama movie of the same name, is the next potentially big Paramount Plus show to land on our screens. 

Why do we say that? Namely, because of the talent attached to it. Jon Bernthal (The Punisher, The Many Saints of Newark) is the series' lead star, while the likes of Rosie O'Donnell (A League of Their Own, Russian Doll) and Gretchen Mol (Yellowstone, Perry Mason) are among its stellar supporting cast. David Hollander, who created hit shows including Ray Donovan, acts as showrunner, too.

American Gigolo tells the story of Julian Kaye (Bernthal), a former Los Angeles-based sex worker who struggles to move past being arrested and imprisoned for murder 15 years earlier. Grappling with the complicated relationships in his current life and unable to let go of his past, Julian embarks on a mission to seek the truth behind his framing – a crime that Detective Sunday (O'Donnell) also happens to be looking into. Cue a wider conspiracy that emerges as the duo search for answers.

American Gigolo's two trailers have amassed almost 12 million views combined on YouTube – viewing figures that shouldn't be sniffed at. So it to be another surprising slam dunk for Paramount along the lines of Yellowjackets and 1883.

The Handmaid's Tale season 5 (Hulu)

When to stream it: Wednesday, September 14

15 months after its fourth season was released, The Handmaid's Tale is back for its fifth outing. The award-winning Hulu TV series will pick up after the shocking season 4 finale, which saw Elisabeth Moss' June Osborne – alongside some of her former handmaids – murder one of the show's other major characters. Expect the dystopian drama show to explore the ramifications of this incident on June and everyone else involved.

The Handmaid's Tale season 4 didn't live up to critics or fans' expectations, with the show's latest entry rated as the worst season in the series yet. Hulu executives will be hoping that its next installment will fare much better, then – as will the series' cast and crew. A sixth season hasn't been greenlit but, if The Handmaid's Tale season 5 turns things around, you can expect it to be renewed.

Do Revenge (Netflix)

When to stream it: Friday, September 16

Netflix has become the go-to streamer for Gen Z-styled content. From hit TV series like Sex Education to less well received projects such as Boo Bitch, it seems that the streaming giant prides itself on making films and shows for teen audiences.

Do Revenge, a forthcoming Netflix movie, certainly falls into that category. Starring Stranger Things' Maya Hawke and Fairfax's Camila Mendes, Do Revenge is billed as a dark comedy that was surprisingly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train. Go figure.

So, what's it about? Do Revenge sees Mendes' Drea and Hawke's Eleanor team up and, well, seek revenge on their fellow high schoolers after they're embarrassed by their peers. For Drea, it's the leaking of a topless video – meant only for ex-boyfriend Max's eyes – while Eleanor is shunned when rumors spread that she tried to force herself on her crush Carissa.

It's not a very novel storytelling idea, but it's sure to draw in viewers of a certain age who are looking for something of this ilk to stream. Expect this one to do reasonably well and then drop out of Netflix's Top 10 lists as quickly as it arrived.

Andor (Disney Plus)

When to stream it: Wednesday, September 21

It's only been three months since Obi-Wan Kenobi's standalone series ended, but it's time for the next Star Wars project to make landfall on Disney Plus.

Set five years before Star Wars: Rogue One, Andor tells the tale of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), the drifter-turned-rebel spy who becomes a key player in the Rebel Alliance's fight against the tyrannical Galactic Empire.

The show's first season – a second one will begin filming in November – is set across a 12-month period, and it'll follow Andor (and characters who become entwined in his orbit) as his revolutionary journey begins with the Rebellion. The 12-episode season will also explore his backstory, as well as the roles key individuals in the Rebellion's formation, such as Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly) and the mysterious Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgaard). Andor will also train a spotlight on the Empire's middle management, with tragic villains in Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) and Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) also prominent throughout.

Andor will launch with an unprecedented three-episode premiere – where Disney Plus shows are concerned anyway – on release day. Keep an eye out for our spoiler-free review closer to release.

Blonde (Netflix)

When to stream it: Friday, September 28

Netflix is still searching for its first Academy Award for Best Picture, with Apple beating it to the punch at the 2022 ceremony with CODA. Based on what we've seen of Blonde, though, the world's biggest streamer may finally end its wait for the most coveted Oscar on the 2023 awards circuit.

Starring Ana de Armas (The Gray Man, Knives Out, No Time to Die), Blonde is based on the best-selling novel of the same name that reimagines the life of iconic actor Marilyn Monroe. The psychological-fuelled biographical movie will examine the stark contrast between her professional and personal lives, with her confident, bubbly on-screen persona a far cry from the woman who struggles to cope with her dysfunctional love life and drug addiction, as well as the exploitation she endured.

Andrew Dominik (Mindhunter, This Much I Know Is True) directs the film, while Adrian Brody (The Pianist, Predators), Bobby Cannavale (Mr Robot, Ant-Man), Tobias Huss (King of the Hill) and Julianna Nicholson (Mare of Easttown) are among its supporting cast.

The film has drawn controversy pre-release for its age rating and Armas' casting, but we still expect this to be a massive hit (particularly among critics) when it arrives.

Hocus Pocus 2 (Disney Plus)

When to stream it: Friday, September 30

Almost 30 years after the original was release in theaters, the sequel to cult classic Hocus Pocus is gearing up to bring early scares to Disney's streaming audience.

The fantasy comedy horror flick sees Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy reprise their roles as the villainous Sanderson Sisters – witches who wrought havoc on the small town of Salem in the 90s and aim to do so again in the present. It'll be up to Becca (Whitney Peak), Izzy (Belissa Escobedo), and Cassie (Lilia Buckingham) to stop the sinister trio after Becca and Izzy accidentally conjure them back into existence. Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham and Arrested Development's Tony Hale are among the film's supporting cast.

It seems odd that Disney wouldn't release Hocus Pocus 2 in cinemas – after all, the first film has amassed a global cult following in the three decades after its release. Still, Disney Plus subscribers will be able to get an early Halloween fix when the supernatural comedy arrives at the end of September.

Jungle (Prime Video)

When to stream it: Friday, September 30

Like American Gigolo, we think this Prime Video offering could be a surprise hit for Amazon Studios.

From the minds of Junior Okoli and Chas Appeti, Jungle is a cyberpunk-style, music-based drama that looks set to redraw the lines of what's possible from cinematography, production design, and soundtrack perspectives.

The six-part series will follow the interconnected lives of several strangers in inner city London, who must face up to various personal and sociopolitical issues, which are viewed through the lens of the UK rap, drill, and grime music scenes. As each character's world begins to unravel around them, the show's core theme of 'every action has a consequence' will play out through a distinct blend of music and dialog – a uniquely creative choice that'll push the narrative boundaries of what's possible from likeminded productions.

Some of the UK's biggest drill and rap artists, including Tinie Tempah, Big Narstie, Kaykae, and Jordan McCann, will feature among the series' cast. Variety recently labeled Appeti and Okoli as two of the Top 10 European creators to watch in 2022 – high praise indeed, and a nomination that's sure to help Jungle fly when it lands on Prime Video.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever (Apple TV Plus)

When to stream it: Friday, September 30

Based on Joanna Molloy and John 'Chickie' Donohue's book of the same name, The Greatest Beer Run Ever is a biographical action-comedy flick inspired by surreal, real-life events.

Set in 1967, the Apple TV Plus film tells the tale of Donohue (played by Zac Efron), a 26-year old Marine Corps veteran. After he gets drunk one night, Donohue unwittingly accepts a challenge to sneak into Vietnam, track down his friends – who are part of the US army during the Vietnam War – and deliver them a can of beer each to raise their spirits. As Donohue quickly finds out, though, taking on this unusual mission won't be easy – especially when it comes to actually traveling across and then leaving Vietnam when a deadly war is being fought.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this Apple TV Plus production has is full if recognizable faces. Iconic actors in Russell Crowe and Bill Murray are part of the supporting cast, while Archie Renaux (Shadow and Bone) and Jake Picking (Top Gun: Maverick) also feature. Peter Farrelly, who directed Oscar-winning movie Green Book, as well as both Dumb and Dumber movies, helms the flick. One to stick on your must-watch list for September, then.

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