How to watch Colin From Accounts: stream the Aussie comedy from anywhere

Watch Colin From Accounts from anywhere
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A car accident, two strangers and an injured dog – is that pulling at your heartstrings already? It’s the recipe that’s made streaming service Binge’s second original series popular. Colin From Accounts follows two imperfect people who find themselves tied to one another under very peculiar circumstances.

Watch Colin From Accounts online

Release date: Thursday, December 1, 2022

Number of episodes: 8

Cast: Harriet Dyer, Patrick Brammall, Emma Harvie, Helen Thomson, Genevieve Hegney, Michael Logo, Tai Hara

FREE streams: BBC iPlayer (UK) | TVNZ+ (NZ)

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AUS stream: Binge, Foxtel

This homegrown series is set in Sydney where Gordon and Ashley, played by series creators Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer respectively, are involved in a car accident that injures a stray dog and lands them both with a pretty hefty vet bill. But there’s more to this story than just making sure the pooch gets back on its paws.

Want to watch this will they/won’t they comedy series? We’ve got all the details on where and how you can catch the comedy series Colin From Accounts.

As Binge’s second shot at an original series, Colin From Accounts currently has only one season which was released on December 1, 2022. There are eight episodes in total, each offering roughly 30 minutes of laughs as Ashley and Gordon attempt to figure out what to do with the titular character, a dog named Colin, and each other.

Both Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall are no strangers to Australian audiences. Dyer has had a number of roles across various Australian series, from a single-episode appearance in Packed to the Rafters to a long tenure on Love Child. She also has credits across a number of films, including a supporting role in the adaptation of the H.G. Wells’ novel, The Invisible Man. Brammall also has a long list of credits, including roles on Home And Away, Upper Middle Bogan and even a two-episode voice acting credit on the delightful children’s show Bluey.

With the series filmed right here in Australia, there is a bunch of local talent on show alongside the show’s creators. Another Home And Away alumni, Tai Hara, appears as James for a few episodes and Helen Thomson, who you might recognise from Blue Heelers or more recently as Gladys Presley in the film Elvis, shows up as well.

Intrigued? Check below to see where you can find this laughs-filled Aussie series.

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How to watch Colin From Accounts for FREE


Colin From Accounts has aired on BBC TV but all episodes are still available to watch on-demand, for free, right now BBC iPlayer.

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How to watch Colin From Accounts from outside your country

If you're abroad right now and struggling to tap into BBC iPlayer, you'll want a VPN. This'll help you circumvent the geo-blocking that will try to stop you watching a Colin From Accounts live stream in particular parts of the world.

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How to watch Colin From Accounts online in Australia


As a Binge original series, this streaming service is the best place to catch Colin From Accounts. Not only can you knock over all eight episodes within your free trial, but there’s also a stack of other shows to catch, including a number of series from HBO.

Binge has plans starting from AU$10p/m for a single SD stream on a Basic plan, up to AU$18p/m for four HD streams with a Premium subscription. There’s no lock-in contract with Binge, so you can switch between plans if you need to upgrade to more streams for your household or if you want to cancel at any time.

Once you’ve got a subscription, you’ll be able to watch a huge variety of content including movies, shows and documentaries, including access to US TV shows that are exclusive to HBO Max such as House of the Dragon, The White Lotus and the upcoming series The Last of Us.


You can also catch Colin From Accounts through a Foxtel Now subscription. Foxtel costs quite a lot more than Binge, but it does offer an extensive range of channels that include reality TV, news and more, giving subscribers a more cable-like experience.

Prices currently start from AU$25 per month for the Essentials Bundle, but there’s a number of add-ons also available at an extra cost. From additional sports channels to movies, you can tailor your subscription to your household’s needs. There's a 10-day free trial if you want to test the service before paying a cent as well.

With thousands of hours of content on offer across 70+ channels in the Ultimate pack, you can catch just about anything from shows like House of the Dragon and His Dark Materials to reality TV series such as Taskmaster and Hell’s Kitchen.

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Watch Colin From Accounts for free in New Zealand


You can watch Colin From Accounts free on TVNZ in New Zealand, on-demand on the free TVNZ+ streaming platform.

Outside New Zealand? Remember that Kiwis abroad can use a VPN to tune into TVNZ Plus while away from home, and watch Poker Face for free, just as you would normally.

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Can you watch Colin From Accounts in the US?

For the time being, there is no broadcaster for Colin From Accounts in the US. It seems the TV executives in the States haven't clued up to what a great show it is just yet.

In the meantime, citizens from Australia, UK and New Zealand currently in the US can use a VPN to watch Colin From Accounts from abroad on their regular streaming services.

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Can you watch Colin From Accounts in the US?

It's the same story in Canada as with the USA at the moment: there is no TV broadcaster or streaming service with the rights to air Colin From Accounts.

UK citizen in America? You can use a use a VPN to watch Colin From Accounts free on BBC iPlayer just like you would at home.

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