Should you buy an Emma mattress in the Black Friday sales?

Emma Original mattress
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Emma is one of the best-known bed brands in the UK, and right now there's 20% off the Original model. We rate this mattress very highly, and it's a strong recommendation if you're looking for an affordable but good quality mattress in this year's sales.

As you'll learn in our Emma mattress review, this mattress has a cradling, sink-in feel that's dreamily comfortable for side-sleeping. It also offers excellent motion isolation – which makes it a good choice for bed-sharers who don't want to be bothered by their bed-mate's movements – and high levels of pressure relief, perfect for soothing achy joints.

How good is the Emma Black Friday deal?

What about the price? 20% off is not the biggest percentage discount you'll see amongst this year's Black Friday mattress deals, but because the price is so low to begin with, it is one of the cheapest options around if you're looking invest in a new mattress. At £379.20 for a double with this deal, it sits in the lower mid-range price bracket. It's excellent value for that price, and a notable step up in quality compared to those in the budget bracket. (It ranks highly in our best cheap mattress guide). 

It's not a particularly unusual deal for Emma. In fact, there's pretty much always a discount on either the Emma Original or the Original Plus (which is the same mattress, but with a thicker, plusher cover). But, like we say, it's still a great price for this mattress. You'll get a 200-night trial period to test it out thoroughly, and a 10-year warranty.

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Who should buy the Emma Original mattress? 

Side-sleepers: This mattress has a medium sleep feel that's perfect for side sleepers, as it allows the shoulder and hip to sink in comfortably and prevents pressure from building up. 

Memory foam fans: The Emma Original has a classic memory foam feel – it has a sink-in, slow-moving surface that contours to your shape in a way that many find dreamily comfortable.

Bed-sharers: Slow-moving foams tend to be great at isolating movements, and that's certainly the case with the Emma mattress. If you share a bed with a wriggler, you won't be disturbed by their nighttime movements. 

Who SHOULDN'T buy the Emma Original?

 Hot sleepers: The Emma Original can cling on to body heat, which means it's not a great choice if you run warm anyway. If you can stretch to the higher price, we were super-impressed with the temperature regulation in our Emma Luxe Cooling mattress review. That model has a massive 65% off for Black Friday, which means a double is down to £629.  

 Back or stomach sleepers: The Emma Original has a medium feel, and we'd recommend medium-firm to firm for back/stomach sleepers, to ensure proper back support. If that's your preferred position, try the firmer NextGen version – 50% off for Black Friday. In our Emma NextGen Premium mattress review, we found the medium-firm feel did a great job of keeping everything cushioned and aligned. 

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