The best Apple Watch Ultra deals in September 2023

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There aren't many Apple Watch Ultra deals around right now - and finding stock can even be a little trickier than you may have expected. The high-end Apple Watch may be expensive but it's in demand as it offers a superior experience compared to any other wearable by the manufacturer.

The Apple Watch Ultra is simply the best smartwatch Apple has made so far. It's expensive but it's well suited to anyone who lives a very active lifestyle, loves to go off the beaten path, or even enjoys diving into the depths of the ocean. It has a bright and large screen with a new customizable action button on the side. Longer battery life and some key features like better GPS means it easily rivals the likes of the best Garmin watches.

It’s expensive, but when you factor in that it works as a diving computer, is incredibly rugged, and can help you find your way home by retracing your steps, it’s powerful stuff. It also comes with everything you're used to from other Apple Watches like an ECG monitor, blood oxygen level tracking, and extensive workout tools.

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in a 49mm model – the biggest Apple Watch yet. It's priced at $799 / £849 / AU$1,299 with cellular connectivity included as standard.

That makes it the most expensive Apple Watch around and far pricier than many rivals, including many Garmin smartwatches. Understandably, then, you're likely to be seeking out Apple Watch Ultra deals. Find all of the best prices available right now just below.

The best Apple Watch Ultra deals

There aren't any Apple Watch deals to speak of right now, as the wearable has only just launched and is already hard to track down for quick delivery.

For now, our price comparison chart below will help you find retailers that actually have stock of the Apple Watch Ultra today. While you may not save any cash right now, you will at least get to enjoy the new watch sooner rather than later. Check back in regularly to see how things change.

Our guide to the best Apple Watch should be your first port of call if you're considering investing in an Apple Watch Ultra. We've tested all the smartwatches you need to know about, so you'll know exactly what's right for you.

Once you've got that far, if an Ultra feels too pricey to you, check out the Apple Watch deals unfolding each day. More general smartwatch deals can also be useful if you're not committed to something Apple-related, plus there are plenty of Garmin deals for someone swayed by one of those.

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