Get NOW Broadband's Super Fibre tariff for just £23 per month

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If you've been searching online for the best broadband deals, we've got something that might pique your interest...

You can currently get NOW Broadband's popular 'Super Fibre' package for just £23 a month and while you do have to pay a £10 upfront fee for the delivery of your router, it's still one of the most affordable fibre deals on the market right now.

With this fibre tariff, you get average download speeds of 63Mbps and it comes with unlimited data. As such, it can be perfect for small-to-medium households with high internet usage, as you'll be able to stream all your favourite apps and channels in UHD, game online, and casually browse on multiple devices, all at the same time. Another big positive is that it's also a 12-month contract, which is much more flexible than most other UK providers, who only tend to have 18 or 24-month options.

With NOW Broadband you also get the chance to add a NOW 'Entertainment Membership' for only £6.99 p/m for six months. With this bundle you get a huge selection of Sky channels, all the Freeview channels, plus hundreds of great box sets. This is something you can cancel at any time and after this initial six months, the cost does go up to £9.99 p/m.

The deal is only available to new NOW Broadband members and new and existing NOW TV members. You will also need to live in an area where NOW Fibre is available. However, it's easy to check this directly with the provider before you sign up. After 12 months, the price of this broadband deal rises to £38.50 p/m.


NOW Broadband Super Fibre | 63Mbps | 12-month contract | £23 p/m | Unlimited data | £10 delivery fee

NOW Broadband Super Fibre | 63Mbps | 12-month contract | £23 p/m | Unlimited data | £10 delivery fee
With this broadband deal from NOW, you get the company's popular 'Super Fibre' package for just £23 a month. This tariff offers average download speeds of 63Mbps and it comes as a 12-month contract. With these speeds, and its unlimited data, this can be a great option for small to medium-sized households with high online demands. You will also need to pay a £10 fee for delivery of your router and its for new NOW Broadband members and new and existing NOW TV members. Eligibility is also subject to your property's access to the NOW Fibre network.

More reasons to choose NOW Broadband

You'll now find NOW amongst the UK's best broadband providers, but there are lots of reasons why this is more than justified.

As our featured deal shows, NOW Broadband is up there with the most affordable UK broadband providers and its flexible 12-month contracts are a big draw for many customers. It's this winning mix that gives a tangible sense you're getting top value for your broadband.

Across its broadband options, you also get line rental included, unlimited downloads, no activation fees and access to its 'Pay As You Use Calls' phone service. Switching is also quick and simple and if you're currently with BT, TalkTalk, EE or Plusnet, there are dedicated teams on hand to handle the move across to NOW Broadband on your behalf.

While it doesn't necessarily have broadband and TV bundles to completely rival the likes of Sky and Virgin Media just yet, what it does have is still decent for the price. There's a choice of four TV Memberships:

  • NOW Entertainment - which features hundreds of Sky and Freeview Channels, plus hundreds of box sets.
  • NOW Cinema - which gives you access to Sky's movie channels
  • NOW Sports - which gives you access to Sky's sports channels
  • NOW Hayu - which has more box sets and all the latest and best reality shows

Naturally, the more you add to your Membership, the bigger the monthly cost. But it can still work out more affordable than the equivalent Sky Broadband and TV packages.

Where NOW Broadband can fall by the wayside is with its limited selection of speeds. It only has three - Super Fibre (63Mbps), Fab Fibre (36Mbps) and Brilliant Broadband (11Mbps) - and while they are cheaper than most, they obviously won't be appropriate for those of you who want ultrafast broadband.

If this is the case, or you're not on NOW's network and you want to see what other deals are out there, we can help. All you need to do is enter your postcode into our widget below and we'll show you exactly which broadband deals can be found in your location.

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